Friday, March 5, 2010

The Libertarian Party is following me on Twitter.

I received the shock of a lifetime yesterday morning when I was checking on my rarely used twitter account; the Libertarian Party was following my tweets.

Most would feel honored to be acknowledged by a political party that holds some influence in American politics. However, I feel ashamed to have a "follower" that distorts the truth just as much as our political enemies on the left.

We have serious financial and Constitutional problems facing our Nation in 2010, and political parties that seek to divide the Right-Of-Center movement help our political enemies, while promoting their own selfish desires at the same time.

The ultimate example of Libertarian obstruction was during the 2008 Presidential election, when their candidate, the former Congressman Bob Barr, stole two states from Senator McCain, which aided our common political foe via election to the White House. Check for yourself, look up the 2008 election results in Indiana and North Carolina.

With the above written paragraphs in mind, I am calling for the folks who operate the Libertarian Party twitter account to stop following me as soon as possible. I can deal with a lot of ideological differences, but this proud Conservative will not tolerate the Isolationist Party of the United States to follow me on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter.

Proud Conservatives such as Senator DeMint are welcomed, but Isolationists such as the Libertarian Party should leave me and like minded folks alone.

To all who offer good will and Republican victories in 2010:

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Anonymous said...

Come on guys, when are you going to start another rumor that I can laugh at people for believing?

Luke said...

That's all anybody comes to this site to see.