Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Political governance vs. Political ideologies.

An hour of Glenn Beck per night can either result in complete agreement, complete disagreement or complete confusion for me, and I'm sure millions upon millions of other Americans who watch his television show on a regular basis.

Due to a political chart Glenn Beck has been touting the last few nights, on where most Americans align themselves on political governance, I have entered a severe state of confusion, because most Americans are defined in a chart of ideologies.

What form of government I want in comparison to what form of political belief I espouse, are two different things, however, America cannot reclaim our Constitutional roots without defining our political beliefs, and that is something Glenn Beck does not understand.

According to Glenn Beck: we have four competing thoughts on political governance in the United States of America and across the world, of which Anarchism, Republicanism, Progressivism and Communism are the lone options for what a nation will be.

The above mentioned chart is correct, but we are not and will not be defined in our political opinion that a Republican form of government is the best (which it is), however, we will be defined and successful in what political belief we use to achieve Republicanism.

America has five competing political ideologies:


Extreme elements of Libertarianism and Progressivism will result in the same path: Chaos, Death and Destruction of our Republic, whether it be socialistic thugs or anarchist hippies. Moderation will compromise important elements of our culture, whether it be economic or social.

Leaving the true battle of America between Conservatives and Liberals, as Rush Limbaugh has been declaring for decades. We cannot recapture our Republic, without choosing a side in the Liberal vs. Conservative battle of political ideologies.

Liberalism holds the same political tenants of Progressivism, Communism and Socialism, with the hypocritical addition of "civil liberties". Conservatism is the political belief of Republicanism, of our Founding Fathers and of Americans in general.

Mr.Beck, declaring our support for a Republican form of government will not restore America, however, declaring the Conservatism of our Founding Fathers will. America is a nation of differing ideologies. Period.

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Luke said...

Most conservatives are closet homosexuals. Are you one too?