Monday, March 29, 2010

Responding to opponents of McCain.

I support Senator John McCain's bid for the Republican nomination in August, and I will support his general election bid for reelection against all members of all parties. Being a Conservative and supporting John McCain is considered high treason by some, but I disagree with that, and I will not stop supporting the good Senator. However, I will respond to the opponents of John McCain with the facts.

Hayworth Supporter -

I AM a registered AZ voter, and I WILL vote for Hayworth. Mccain-Feingold, Mccain-Kennedy shamnesty, gang of 14, and before that the Keating scandal. Why wouldn't we want a true conservative? When you add in that his wife and daughter have lobbied for homosexual "marriage," that seals the deal!

The responses of a true Conservative:

  • McCain-Feingold was ruled unconstitutional in the Supreme Court, the law is no longer in place. We're talking about the current issues of the hour, of which McCain has been spectacular in.
  • McCain-Kennedy never passed. So what's the problem? Congressman Pence also supported the ill-fated legislation, does that hurt him as well, or just those that you oppose?
  • The "gang of 14" resulted in Justice Samuel Alito being confirmed without problem to the Supreme Court, and prevented Republicans from looking foolish when the current health care debate on the Reconciliation option was ongoing, allowing McCain to remain consistent the entire time.
  • The Keating Scandal? McCain was cleared on those charges. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal? Goodness!
  • His Wife and Daughter support homosexual marriage, so that taints McCain how? Isn't he the one who votes on legislation, and not his Wife or Daughter.....that's what I thought.
I disagree with McCain on several important issues, but I hold true to the Ronald Reagan basis of political friends and foes - "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor." - according to the ACU, Senator John McCain has voted Conservative close to 81-82% of the time. Well within Reagan's definition of who our friends are.

Could we also look at what Senator McCain has done well?

  • Opposed Stimulus Package without question.
  • Opposed Health-Care takeover without hesitation.
  • Supports Conservative nominees for the Courts.
  • Opposes Roe V. Wade like none other.
  • Supports the Second Amendment.
  • Opposes Government Interference in the Internet.
  • Has fought against pork barrel spending for decades.
  • Won the Iraqi War via his constant calls for a "Surge".
Senator McCain is a man of great courage, who has represented our cause well, and deserves six more years in Washington.

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Reaganite Independent said...

You make a good argument Mr K... I'll give you that.

I am a huge supporter of his foreign policy, that's for sure... and he HAS turned to the right a bit over the last couple years, I agree he's putting up a good fight right now.

He just damn well better not support amnesty...

JennsR said...

Well done, easy to respect the likes of McCain. There are so many issues I agree with McCain on, his anti-spending, his fight for National Security. I am honestly surprised that some voters in AZ have not researched the other guy (JD) as he is about as corrupt as they come!!!

RtRepub said...

Not only is McCain our guy, but I just read that he was awarded for being the third most fiscally responsible member in Senate, that is a guy we need in Washington-

Anonymous said...

Honestly? It's just a look-at-me opportunity for JD. He skirts every single question because he doesn't know anything. We're not even out of the primary and they're already questions about JD Hayworth's credibility and character. That doesn't make me feel so great! McCain will be our strong fight against this left administration.