Monday, July 12, 2010

Coats' leads in Indiana.

Dan Coats was a fine US Senator in the 1990's, a fine Ambassador during Bush's first term, a fine campaigner during Indiana's 2010 Republican Primary, and the people of Indiana believe he'll be a fine US Senator once again, because they support him by a wide margin against his Democratic opponent.

Rasmussen Reports survey of 500 Indiana Voters:

Dan Coats (R) - 51%
Brad Ellsworth (D) - 30%
Unsure/Someone else - 18%

The Conservative revolution has sought out unknown GOP candidates from across the Nation, except for Indiana, which is supporting a Conservative blast from the past - Dan Coats has a ACU lifetime rating of 90%, was and is a consistent supporter of the War on Terrorism, and will restore real representation in Washington for Indiana.

Please support Mr.Coats' campaign and visit his website!

Also, 58% of Indiana Voters disapprove of President Obama, and 58% of Indiana Voters approve of Governor Daniels.

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