Monday, July 12, 2010

We must Win Afghanistan.

The United States of America simply cannot afford to be defeated in Afghanistan. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which resulted in the horrific deaths of 2,991 individuals, President Bush stood against our enemies (al-Qaida and the Taliban), and declared them all the same, and all at fault.

President Bush understood that those who harbored our enemies, such as al-Qaida, were just as much our enemies, than those who took control of the planes; which is why the United States has been fighting against our Islamist foes for nine years in Afghanistan, regardless of President.

It's true that the greatest victory of the War on Terrorism will be Iraq, as our efforts to remove Saddam, to build a Nation, and to secure a friend, at least geographically, has succeeded. It's also true that the greatest morale victory of the War on Terrorism is that our Troops have not been treated like garbage, such as they were during the Vietnam War.

But all of that will be a hollow victory without Victory in Afghanistan. If we lose to the Jihadists: the Taliban, with or without the help of Karzai, will regain control of Afghanistan, they will once again establish Afghanistan as a safe harbour for al-Qaida, they will once again attack us and our allies, and we will have to, once again, launch War into Afghanistan.

We must Win Afghanistan, or another September eleventh will occur on our shores. You don't know how much it affects me when I hear supposed Conservatives, such as Ann Coulter, bash the War in Afghanistan for political gains. It's sickening, and it pisses me off. We have 100,000 soldiers and General Petraeus in Afghanistan, fighting for ours and the world's future as a free world, and now, even some on our side are using that for political gain.

We must Win Afghanistan.

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