Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Malloy Beats Lamont in CT

Ned Lamont, the netroots millionaire who took on Senator Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Senate race four years ago has lost another pivotal battle in his attempt at a political career. With 96% of the precincts in Lamont lost to Dan Malloy by 16%:

Malloy: 58%
Lamont: 42%

This was despite Lamont putting massive amounts of cash in and running as a "moderate" despite running as a raging leftist in 2006. Malloy isn't too much better, but he isn't as much of a tool as Lamont.

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1 comment:

Fenway_Nation said...

Connecticut is more or less a write-off as far as the senate race goes, too.

Earnest RINO Rob Simmons lost to Lind McMahon in the GOP primary and Sid Blumenthal is still a lying, sleazy douchebag (with a speech impediment that apprently causes him to randomly utter 'in Vietnam' when discussing his military career in the past tense).

McMahon's yet another rich entertainer who decided to run for office as a Republican- shades of AH-nuld....

However, I am pleased to see the Kosling quisling's hand-picked candidate get his ass kicked whether he's running for Senator, Governor or president of the Mentos advertisement appreciation society....