Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama Approval Scrapes 40%

 Barack Obama's supporters are falling precipitously-- and that's not from a poll from Fox or Rasmussen. Instead, left-leaning USA Today partnered with Gallup to create a new job performance poll. And they must not have liked what they saw.

Approve: 41%
Disapprove: 53%

President Obama's job approval is sinking swiftly-- and even worse for him, his disapproval is now peaking over 50%. Looks like we'll need another $6 trillion in stimulus spending to counteract this, stat!

And conveniently, the article in USA Today has the poll snuck near the bottom so most casual readers would have missed it. It was stuck under other more bad news for Obama-- that people disapprove of his handling of the War in Afghanistan with just 36%.

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RightKlik said...

And this was a poll of the general adult population... it was not focused on registered voters or likely voters. Likely voters are more conservative than the general adult population, so you can reasonably assume that the people who will show up to vote in November have an even lower opinion of Obama than these numbers would suggest.

RightKlik said...

Where did they bury the 53% disapproval number?

Matthew Avitabile said...

I got the disapproval from the synopsis on the RCP average.

Mr. K said...

I believe the job approval rating of President Bush is now higher than Obama's......heehee.