Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Point-Counterpoint: Is Obama Simply Incompetent...or is it All by Design?

Today, Jumping in Pools and Reaganite Republican are proud to present our first in what will hopefully be a series of debates.  These will involve political issues of the day and, as you can probably guess, is called Point-Counterpoint.  Hopefully these articles will be as illuminating as they are interesting to read.  Please note: the writers do not necessarily believe what they are arguing.

This week's question:  The Obama Presidency: Is our 44th President Reckless and Incompetent, or are his Gaffes and Missteps all Part of a Larger Plan?

Point: President Obama is Simply Incompetent, by Jumping in Pools

To say that the President hasn't erred in his time in office would be to throw away sense. His rebuffs of our Israeli allies, the mishandling of several economic factors, especially deficit spending, promises broken, and his misunderstanding of foreign policy cannot be denied. But a larger question arises out of all of this: is our 44th President making mistakes to further a liberal agenda (which, of course, means that they are not mistakes at all), or is he simply incompetent and inexperienced? I believe the truth to be the latter.

To me, it seems clear that while the President constantly makes mistakes, there seems to be no method to his madness. Instead, his mishandling of the simplest things paints the picture of a man over his head who just doesn't know how to get things done. Simply, President Obama does not know what he is trying to do. His whims seem to change quickly and markedly. It seems that he is trying to do what he thinks is right, but he is too inconsistent and naïve to accomplish anything.

Evidence of his fumblings and waffling abounds, in plain sight for anyone to see. For example, exclaiming as a candidate that he would treat Israel as a top ally and friend, then snubbing Netanyahu several times and publicly lambasting the nation over West Bank settlements. His promise to close Guantanamo Bay within a year was (thankfully) broken. His pledge for comprehensive immigration reform has been mostly disregarded. His declaration that "no amount of American lives" could solve the Iraq war, then claiming the victory is thanks to him. His support for a public option in health care, then his stance against it, then his want for it, then his compromise against it...these tell me that this President is simply ignorant of realities on the ground and around him.

It could also be argued that, while the President may have a grander scheme for things, that his incompetency is clouding it. I do not believe this to be the case, for President Obama would not play to political crowds, flip opinions, and change directions so often if he were actually trying to, say, institute a communist dictatorship. No, the President does not have a plan to destroy our great nation. He has no plan at all.

CounterpointObama "Incompetence"- All Part of the Plan, by Reaganite Republican

Taking advantage of Americans' propensity to back an underdog who at least seems to be giving it the ole college try, Obama still stumbles from failure-to-gaffe-to-failure as he continues to play the idealistic, well-intending rookie manager. Didn't everybody root for Frank Robinson when he took the helm of the '75 Indians... fending-off mean ole racists like Gaylord Perry in the process?

Meanwhile -and by design- a grinning Obama steamrolls our society flat so he and other "progressives" can replace all he was raised to despise. The C'mon, let's all root for Barry spiel relentlessly pounded into our skulls by the MSM has propped-up at least some support... but it's surprising even 40% could still tolerate such apparent incompetence... most thinking people have seen quite enough.

Whether or not Obama actually has the ability to do a better job of managing our economy, internal social conflicts, immigration issues, diplomacy, and defense rather than exacerbating   problems -as he is now- is surely open to debate. While the results are for the most part dreadful, is he just making some typical rookie mistakes, able to adjust and pivot on his approach? Or is he in way over his head? Does this most inexperienced executive even have the necessary skills to get it together?

Well, he might, but I doubt it... and don't expect any improvements to the nation's outlook for the foreseeable future either, as this president seems to have no intention whatsoever of stimulating small business to create jobs, helping Americans to help themselves economically, nor of putting more than a token effort into protecting our nation's borders. He displays little real interest in resolving many of the most pressing challenges in a way that most Americans would call successful... and likely never will.

Why? A prosperous and happy America doesn't tend to get the Mommy party elected for one, except perhaps Clinton taking credit for the long-term benefits of Reagan's investment-centric economic policy in '96.  And FDR turned an average of 17% unemployment into three terms, after all.

But likely the larger factor is that serial opportunist Obama and his crew seek incremental crises to exploit towards their ends, convinced they can blame the recession and related troubles on George W Bush pretty much indefinitely (polls show people aren't buying that anymore, though). Wasting hundreds of billions on an wholly-ineffective Keynesian stimulus and scaring job creators half to death with new regulations and taxes, he now plays the benelovent dictator, extending unemployment benefits to expand the entitlements-addicted class of voters that ACORN will be bussing from polling place to polling place come November.

Like most radical Leftists, Obama's true goals are not a happy and confident America, strapping with economic vitality... but rather centralized power, a consolidated state-dominated economy, suppression of patriotic resistance... as well as a demoralized military and general population ready to be remade as obedient automotons. Competently managing this country and guarding liberty really doesn't serve Obama's purposes, in his mind anyway- what he needs is a crisis, and preferably one without his fingerprints on it.

The vibrant 1980s Reagan-era economy did more than it's part to defeat world socialism... but as far as the Obammunists are concerned, such lightly-taxed boom times driven by small businesses and entrepreneurs now would do little to promote expanded statist control and their desired New World Order. Instead, and they're more than willing to tear this country right to the ground to consolidate power- that's how much they hate America as the rest of us have known and loved it.

Obama also has all the trappings of a political incompetent, as he's tanked 30 points since inauguration.  With his odd detached manner and apparent lack of concern you'd think their must be a pretty solid Plan B... narcissists don't go down without a fight, and this regime's flippant disregard for the will of the people is surely unprecedented.

Fixed election and fraud?  Reichstag Fire?  Suspended election?  Let's hope not.

Unsettlingly, Obama's loyalties are also not what one should expect of a US president, oriented towards the Socialist international and America-hating Far Left, both at home and abroad. Obama is now serving their mutual agenda, which is for all practices and purposes identical to his own... not to mention George Soros'. All this all has little to do with making America stronger through capable economic administration in the near term... although Barack knows enough to pretend that he's trying.

This ongoing socialist conquest of the US has been in the works for 50 years: KGB defectors have described the top priority in Soviet times as demoralization and destabilization of the US from within, precipitating a major crisis to be exploited in ruthless communist power grabs. This was orchestrated over three generations, utilizing America's liberal educators, the Democratic Party, the press, and Hollywood's herds of useful idiots to destroy Americans' ability to reason... as well as through direct KGB support of Soprano-esque unions and myriad far-Left social organizations like ACORN, the ACLU, and politicians like BHO.

Now Barack's here to bring on the crisis stage... not only was Obama long-involved with such groups, he's shovelled them all the money he and his allies possibly could get away with over the last 18 mos. This crisis could culminate in anything right-up-to a complete change of society, via an orchestrated crisis and/or violence if necessary... ala the Cloward-Piven strategy.  And in fact many of Obama's policies seem custom-designed to destabilize this country- like tripling the annual budget deficit, for starters.... risking an international debt crisis, dollar crash, and/or rampant inflation.

Obama's power grabs re.the internet, stated plans for a civilian paramilitary corps outside the Army's command structure, Executive Orders allowing incremental eavesdropping activities and targeted killings of US citizens, combined with his long-running enthusiasm for gun control legislation is chilling... seemingly preparing for an expected period of chaos- why such heavy pessimism re. the direction you're taking us, Mr President?

Rahm Emanuel reminds us they will "never let a good crisis go to waste", while Obama's noggin still festers with the foul, anti-American stratagems of Frank Marshal Davis and that community organizer's community organizer, Saul Alinsky. In Rules for Radicals, he states: "The first step in community organization is community dis-organization."

Patriots must resist the first anti-American president's efforts to draw us into a crisis.... don't go for the bait. And don't buy the innocent Presidental-Trainee Barry act, either- to dismiss this true radical as merely incompetent only allows this dangerous -and treacherous- man to buy more time while he systematically disembowels this once great nation in the name of socialism.

So what say you?

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Reaganite Republican said...

Looks great Michael- thanks for having me as your guest

Mr. K said...

Great article. I agree with both sides - it's part incompetence & part planned, but I don't think it really matters - both paths lead to economic and American ruin.

Radio Patriot said...

I said last night during my radio show that I believe Obama and his handlers and cohorts don’t care if his poll numbers are tanking. They expect it. It’s the cost of doing business. Business? Yes, creating a new world order.

Obama, contrary to what some might think, is NOT incompetent, per se. He’s doing what he was set in place to do by his owners — the ones that brung him to the dance — the global elite cabal (which includes the corporate media that gave him cover and fed the masses pop culture adulation). He’s the front man, the shuck and jive man, whose skin color gave them perfect cover to shriek “RACIST” to anyone who challenged or questioned him.

Obama and the people who are perpetrating this destruction of the America we love know precisely what they’re doing. So what if his approval numbers are tanking? Comes with the territory. In their view, it’s a pittance, a minor annoyance, an expected price paid to push us into the crisis phase needed to ensure complete statism. Obama will be hailed as their hero, the guy who brought it home, who took it over the goal line to win the game. The “transformative” presidency.

Sonsabeetches. He’s being well-compensated with the toys and goodies and perks of the presidency. Like a smart pimp, they know how to keep him and his Wookie wife sweet. And it’s costing you and me millions. MILLIONS.

In the meantime, we have nation of useful, stupid idiots who’ve been so dumbed down I’m ashamed of them… they remind me of the cattle I saw on the ranch my friend Vic drove us through when I was in Arizona last week. Chewing cud, meandering around, and constantly trying to mount one another. Lord help us.

Sirchadthepro said...

I have to say one thing, i wonder how many people he is trying to please who are close to him to get that approval compared to the rest of America. This country is not run by just one man. Its run by the whole political system. If everywhere is on a downturn its neither republicans or democrats that are the problem but the fact that people do not like any real change.

Our country needs some changes in order to get it thriving again. I am hoping it gets better but who actually knows. If there is a real plan of action you would think they wouldn't let it get this bad. A country run by greed.

Reaganite Republican said...

Very well put, Radio Patriot- fully agreed on all points

One thing I'd add as the dumbed-down, demoralized population that can't accept and utilize facts was created by the KGB's infiltration of our education system with useful idiots... and Obama took fool advantage of all these dummies.

It's all on the link in my post to the "KGB defector"