Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yahoo! News Declares: Anyone Against Ground Zero Mosque an 'Ignorant Bigot'

No bias in the media, huh?  Why don't you swing by Yahoo! News and read the excrement that they are shoveling.  If I may quote their bile in a "story" by "journalist" Bobby Ghosh:
The last legal hurdle to the proposed Islamic center near the site of the World Trade Center has been removed, but ignorance, bigotry and politics are more formidable obstacles...Criticism spans the gamut, from the ill-informed anguish of those who mistakenly view Islam as the malevolent force that brought down the towers to the ill-considered opportunism of right-wing politicians who see Islam as an easy target.
Ill-informed anguish?  Mr. Ghosh, if you are referring to people who lost their family in 9/11 and are still anguished by it, I suggest you stop demeaning them.

Right-wing opportunists?  Apparently, Mr. Ghosh cannot actually refute the truthful claims of 9/11 victims' families, so instead he seeks to insult them.  How about you look at Feisal Abdul Rauf off the bat, and leave 9/11 families alone?  How about you get a life and a soul and have some compassion instead of peddling drivel and lies, Mr. Ghosh?

This man is no journalist.  Anyone who insults 9/11 families and calls them ignorant bigots is scum, nothing more.

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Unknown said...

remember that many Muslims also died due to 9/11 attacks. and their families have also been dealing with the negative aftershock towards Muslims because of it. This mosque will hopefully set a better example of Islam and clear up the ignorant negativity Muslims have been receiving in the past 9 years.

Editor said...

You are right that Muslims died in the atrocities on September 11th. As well, the Muslim community has a legal right to construct the mosque in the proposed location.

However, thoughts on sensitivity should be considered, just as Muslims demanded (sometimes through threats of violence) about pictures of Mohammed-- even though creating pictures of the Prophet is also a legal right.

Would and should Muslims accept an American Rock and Roll museum near the site of the Karbala massacre of Ali or a McDonalds in the Kaaba? No... so think of it from the US's side.

evergreen78 said...

They can build a mosque on Ground Zero when they build a synagogue in Mecca. This is not about "community outreach." There are 24 mosques all over NYC. Why do they insist on putting this one right THERE?

Reaganite Independent said...

Islam is our friend... only fools and reactionaries would think different!

Yahoo News' bias is THE WORST... and shameless Obama pumpers too, we should dub them honorary MSM bootlicks... cuz they're little better than the letter networks or HuffPo with the -not just spun but- completely dishonest angle of reporting, down to lying, really in this case