Monday, August 9, 2010

Republican Kelly Ayotte Up Big in NH Senate Race

Republican Kelly Ayotte has a double-digit lead over Democratic Congressman Paul Hodes in New Hampshire's Senate race, according to a new survey released today.  Rasmussen polls, the most accurate polling service, indicate that Ms. Ayotte holds a 13-point lead over Mr. Hodes, garnering 51% of the vote to his 38%.

Not only is 51% Ms. Ayotte's best showing to date, but only 6% of voters are undecided.  That means that if Mr. Hodes was able to convince every single undecided voter to vote for him, he would still lose by 7%.

This swing in favor of a Republican is in stark contrast to the 2008 general election, in which then-Senator Barack Obama garnered 54.1% of the vote to Senator John McCain's 44.5%.  Not only that, but Mr. Obama won every single county in the state.

The poll also reveals data that seems to show that Republican ideology is now considered 'normal.'  According to Rasmussen, 69% of voters see Ms. Ayotte as a conservative.  Importantly, a majority of the state, 54%, see her views as "mainstream."

The race in New Hampshire seems to be reflecting the overall political trend of this election season.

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