Monday, August 9, 2010

Complete 2010 Senate Rankings - August of 2010.

The November elections are now just 12 weeks away, and with that little time separating voters from a frustrating summer to a jubilant ballot box, the polls are burning every minute of the day and there's too much news to comprehend. However, we can all agree on one thing - Democrats have the most to lose, especially in the United States Senate.

The voters will be electing 37 Senator's in November, 19 of those seats are Democrat controlled and 18 are Republican controlled as of this August morning, but that will all change in just a few more weeks. In fact, I have been reading the polls and digesting the primaries, and I feel that I have a good pulse of the upcoming elections, thus I** offer the following 2010 US Senate rankings with extreme prejudice.

These rankings are based on solid Senate seats (100% sure to go Republican or Democrat), leaning Senate seats (75% sure to go either Republican or Democrat, pending on which way the political winds are blowing), and toss up Senate seats (pure political unknowns; grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy).

Solid Democratic seats - 7

Connecticut - Open seat (D).
Hawaii - Senator Inouye (D).
Maryland - Senator Mikulski (D).
New York 1 - Senator Schumer (D).
Oregon - Senator Wyden (D).
Vermont - Senator Leahy (D).
West Viringia - Open seat (D).

Leaning Democratic seats - 5

California - Senator Boxer (D).
Colorado - Senator Bennet (D).
Nevada - Senator Reid (D)*.
New York 2 - Senator Gillibrand (D).
Washington - Senator Murray (D).

Toss us seats - 6

Florida - Open seat (R).
Illinois - Open seat (D).
Missouri - Open seat (R).
Ohio - Open seat (R).
Pennsylvania - Open seat (D).
Wisconsin - Senator Feingold (D).

Leaning Republican seats - 6

Alaska - Senator Murkowski (R).
Delaware - Open seat (D).
Indiana - Open seat (D).
Kentucky - Open seat (R).
New Hampshire - Open seat (R).
North Carolina - Senator Burr (R).

Solid Republican seats - 13

Alabama - Senator Shelby (R).
Arkansas - Senator Lincoln (D).

Arizona - Senator McCain (R).
Georgia - Senator Isakson (R).
Idaho - Senator Crapo (R).
Iowa - Senator Grassley (R).
Kansas - Open seat (R).
Louisiana - Senator Vitter (R).
North Dakota - Open seat (D).
Oklahoma - Senator Coburn (R).
South Carolina - Senator DeMint (R).
South Dakota - Senator Thune (R).
Utah - Open seat (R).

As it stands........

Senate Democrats will retain 12 seats, and lose 4 seats.
Senate Republicans will retain 15 seats, and gain 4 seats.
6 Senate seats are undecided - 3 Democrat, 3 Republican.

* - Reid has taken a lead in the polls, though Angle can reverse it.
** - I do apologize for the excessive use of "I" in the second paragraph.


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