Thursday, August 5, 2010

Should Ike Skelton be Worried?

Ike Skelton has represented Missouri's 4th congressional district for over 3 decades, and most of his reelection campaigns have been without serious opposition, even though his district is almost as Conservative as Oklahoma is, due inpart to his own Conservative values on social and national defense related issues.

Oh, he's also a Democrat, and Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services.

So why exactly should Ike Skelton be Worried?

Well, as I'm sure most of you have heard about: Missouri overwhelmingly supported an anti-ObamaCare proposition during Tuesday's vote, which drove Republicans to the ballot box in droves, and their largest turnout in the entire state was in Ike Skelton's deep, deep, deep red district.

Missouri's 4th district Primary Results:

Republican Votes - 88,614.

Democratic Votes - 32,178.

It's true that Republican voters were motivated and that Ike Skelton faced a weak challenger in his Primary, but we cannot see the forest if we're staring at the tree's ahead of us. Ike Skelton is in huge trouble when we compare the Republican Primary results of Tuesday to the past two Congressional races.

Missouri's 4th district - 2008 election:

Ike Skelton (D) - 199,940 votes.

Jeff Parnell (R) - 103,421 votes.

Missouri's 4th district - 2006 election:

Ike Skelton (D) - 159,303 votes.

James Noland (R) - 69,254 votes.

Now do you get it? Close to 90% of all Republican voter's in 2008 returned to the polls two days ago to vote in the Primary election, while close to 30% more Republican vote's were cast in the 2010 Primary than in the 2006 general election. Our base is energized, and already surpassing mid-term low-levels of support that we witnessed just 4 years ago.

Ike Skelton better be afraid, very afraid.


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