Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thoughts on the Proposition 8 ruling from last week.

Proposition 8 was struck down in federal court last week, and as I'm sure most will figure out in this article, I was not pleased about the decision on several grounds. So I'll appreciate it if you will stick around for the entire article, and my complete thoughts on the ruling by Judge Walker.

1. Judge Walker has just ruled that 5,000 documented years of civilization, and it's position on a sacred institution we call Marriage, doesn't matter and doesn't count. It's equal to a practice that can only be described as unnatural and nontraditional, not to mention immoral.

2. Judge Walker, a single man sitting on the Judiciary, has just overruled the votes of 7,001,084 American Citizens during a Constitutional and legitimate referendum in the state of California. If there was ever a case where the Judiciary held too much power over the common man, this is it.

3. This ruling represents the second time that the Citizens of California have had their voices silenced, and their will openly ignored on one of the most culturally significant issues of our human existence by activist judges and politicians.

4. President George H. W. Bush has now had the honour of Nominating two horrendous Judges to the federal judiciary. His record as an Republican President on this subject can only be matched by Richard Nixon, and that's saying something.

5. With this ruling, the original purpose of the 14th Amendment, which was passed to protect the rights and freedoms of our newly freed Black citizenry has been distorted to cover issues that no one could ever imagine would have happened back in the 1800's. Issues that were reserved only for the states.

Any thoughts on my thoughts?


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Michael said...

1. Just because something has been around for a long time, doesn't make it right. Slavery had been in place since Babylonia, but emancipation in the 1800s was obviously the right thing to do.

2. Mr. K, you know that our nation is based on checks and balances. Judges have that power. Furthermore, if 7,000,000 people voted to outlaw interracial marriage, I hope to God that a judge would strike it down. Same thing with Prop 8.

3. That's mostly true, but if a judge has a case in front of him and he decides one way or the other, he is not an activist judge. That's just his job.

4. Ronald Reagan originally nominated this judge and H.W. simply re-nominated him in honor of Reagan. You should know that.

5. Just because the Founders couldn't "imagine" something doesn't mean that it cannot be ruled. Should the Internet, television, integration, and cars be banned because our Founders couldn't have conceived of them? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

The ruling is the first in the country to strike down a marriage ban on federal constitutional grounds. Previous cases have cited state constitutions. It (if it stands) would allow any aberrant behavior to be protected by the federal government since He fails to cite a provision of the federal constitution which prevents states from making distinctions based on sex difference, primarily because there isn’t one.

Michelle said...

Happy to see that judge bent over backwards to give the prop 8 people a chance to hang themselves. Which they proceeded to do in fine fashion. what point of law are they saying that Walker got wrong?