Tuesday, August 3, 2010

US Senators Who Oppose Kagan as of 8/3/2010.

As of this evening 32 United States Senators have announced their definite opposition to the Supreme Court Nomination of US Solicitor General Elena Kagan (31 GOP, 1 DEM), along with 49 who have announced their support (42 DEM, 5 GOP, 2 IND), and 19 who remain undecided or are unwilling for some unknown reason to announce their decision at all (14 DEM, 5 GOP).

In the perfect world - all 100 Senator's would oppose the Nomination of Elena Kagan. Actually, in the perfect would she wouldn't have been nominated in the first place. However, the Senate lives in the real world and there are some who support Ms.Kagan, even on our side, for various reasons, dubious or not.

Here are the Senators who oppose Ms.Kagan's Nomination:

Senator Alexander - Tennessee.
Senator Barrasso - Wyoming.
Senator Bennett - Utah.
Senator Bunning - Kentucky.
Senator Burr - North Carolina.
Senator Chambliss - Georgia.
Senator Coburn - Oklahoma.
Senator Corker - Tennessee.
Senator Cornyn - Texas.
Senator Crapo - Idaho.
Senator DeMint - South Carolina.
Senator Ensign - Nevada.
Senator Grassley - Iowa.
Senator Hatch - Utah.
Senator Hutchison - Texas.
Senator Inhofe - Oklahoma.
Senator Isakson - Georgia.
Senator Johanns - Nebraska.
Senator Kyl - Arizona.
Senator LeMieux - Florida.
Senator McCain - Arizona.
Senator McConnell - Kentucky.
Senator Murkowski - Alaska.
Senator Nelson (D) - Nebraska.
Senator Risch - Idaho.
Senator Roberts - Kansas.
Senator Sessions - Alabama.
Senator Shelby - Alabama.
Senator Thune - South Dakota.
Senator Vitter - Louisiana.
Senator Voinovich - Ohio.
Senator Wicker - Mississippi.

And here are the Senator's who could oppose Ms.Kagan's Nomination:

Senator Begich (D) - Alaska.
Senator Bond (R) - Missouri.
Senator Brownback (R) - Kansas.
Senator Cochran (R) - Mississippi.
Senator Enzi (R) - Wyoming.
Senator Lincoln (D) - Arkansas.
Senator Webb (D) - Virginia.

As I predicted two weeks ago: we should be able to expect 35 or 36 Republican Senators to oppose Elena Kagan's nomination to the Bench. And I still stand by that prediction, however, with the dissent of Ben Nelson of Nebraska, we could also see a few Democrats willing to buck Reid and Obama.


PS - I can almost guarantee the opposition of Senator's Brownback, Cochran, and Enzi, but I'm still unsure of Senator Bond and which way he'll vote. As for the before mentioned Democrats: Look for Senator's Begich and Webb to miss the vote or to oppose her nomination outright.


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