Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 Laws of Blogging.

I have been a member of the Conservative Blogosphere for fifteen months now, during which I have achieved some accolades, praises of being wonderful, exclusive interviews with Republican candidates, Conservative bloggers, and authors of important books, but I have never encountered the written laws of blogging.

Why does it matter? Well, when visiting the websites of older and more experienced bloggers, there appears to be another tune played, an unwritten law followed, and lasting alliances of unknown importance carried behind the scenes.

As a novice blogger for the most part, I crave an invitation to the secret societies of political blogging, a look at the laws that maintain our Conservative blog universe without interruption, and a understanding of alliances of unknown importance.

Since I know I will never be invited, it is time to publish the 3 Laws of Blogging.

Law #1 - Without links, there are no blogs. Be thankful for what thee receive, and be sure to give the same gift of blogger life.

Law#2 - Never cross your allies, never agitate Insta Pundit, and never reveal your sources, or confidential discussions.

Law#3 - Blog Wars are meant to be defensive, as such, never attack a fellow blog, unless provoked to a point where the chips are on the table.

These are important laws to abide by. Be thankful of those that consider your content valid, maintain a strong relationship with your allies and sources, and never start a blog war unless provoked. Those that provoke a war, never escape without permanent damage.

Also, as far I can tell, there are no secret blogging societies, but I do believe there has been a unwritten law of Conservative blogging that most follow, whether it be natural or through observing the actions of fellow bloggers.

The Other McCain once wrote about how to achieve 1,000,000 million hits for your blog, which included some general niceties, but it was more about blog whoring and prostitution than sacred laws of which all bloggers should follow.

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Aaroncoal said...

That's interesting. I don't see it so much as a war between blogs. I do my best to stay independent, but it is nice to have good blog friends. I used to blog in a group called stoptheACLU and they were brutal if you crossed them.. so I crossed them on purpose because they started telling me what I could or could not put on my own blog.. and that ticked me off. So I am very careful with aligning myself with any blog group.. Some of the organizers get on a major power trip and then it stops being fun at that point.