Thursday, March 11, 2010

Irrational fear of cold weather could cost New Jersey.

New Jersey is battling two Florida cities for the honor of hosting the 2014 Super Bowl. Hosting the greatest Championship on earth would provide New Jersey with such an economic boost, even Wall Street wouldn't be able to compete with. Plus, New Jersey would be able to host the greatest show on earth, in a brand new stadium that will house both the Jets and Giants beginning this Fall.

What's the problem?

New Jersey is located North of the Mason-Dixon line, meaning there is a good chance the weather could be cold during the Super Bowl, and we wouldn't want that, would we? Me, millions of residents in New York and New Jersey, along with politicians from all political parties want it. And we want it now.

Sporting events combined with miserable weather, is as American as Mom or Apple Pie. Goodness! One of the greatest football games of the previous decade, was a bitter match up between the Patriots and Raiders for the American Football Conference Championship, during which a blizzard roared across New England.

In the coming months, the National Football League will be selecting a location for the 2014 Super Bowl, in which Miami, Tampa and East Rutherford are the lone competitors for the Super Bowl. Most expect the "Southern favorites" to receive another Super Bowl, because we wouldn't want a football game where the air temperature might be below 50 degrees.

I think it's time for a real change in professional football. The fear of "cold weather" is irrational and idiotic, and to believe 70,000 fans will not attend a Super Bowl, because it's cold really an insult to the fans of professional football who are so dedicated to the game.

In the end, our friends in the National Football League will have the final word, but I believe a change in location would be great for the sport.

Super Bowl 2014 for New Jersey!

What say you?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is an old English joke, if you do a good job cleaning public bathrooms for five years the boss will give you a toilet bowl brush.

There is an analogy, if you can win 16 plus games in any kind of weather you can play where it is warm, makes no sense.