Saturday, March 13, 2010

The 5 books all Conservatives should read.

I am not a bookclub kind of person, nor am I the kind of person that writes about new and upcoming books, reviews political literature, or compiles a list of must have books. However, over the past twelve months, I have increased the amount of political literature that I have read, and some of these books should be required reading for all Conservatives.

Reading has been a exceptional past time of mine, whether it be Baseball statistics or Football fiction, the Chronicles of Narnia, the words of our Founding Fathers, political opinions from all forms of Conservatism, or a nice afternoon of reading whatever I come across.

In the end, I thank Home Schooling for my lust of reading.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 books that all Conservatives should read to be a Patriot, while avoiding invitation to the ever growing club of pinheads.

(5) - 5,000 Year Leap.

(4) - Samuel Adams: A Life.

(3) - Going Rogue.

(2) - Washington: The Indispensable Man.

(1) - The Birth of the United States.

If one does purchase all five books, you're looking at over 1,300 pages of political opinion, American fact, and increased knowledge. These are important pieces of literature for the average Conservative, as the Founding, the Founders, the Founding principles, and the life a perspective Presidential candidate will expand your knowledge of America, while exercising new found intelligence to use for America.

In the end, it's up to you. I'll continue to write politics here on a regular basis, and I'm sure you'll continue to be active in politics on a regular basis, while further educating yourself.

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1 comment:

Harrison said...

I would stick with Plato over Palin.