Friday, March 12, 2010

Known waste of Stimulus is climbing.

Sean Hannity is a Great American by all Conservative accounts, considering the release of his second television special that launched this evening, detailing the billions upon billions of wasted dollars resulting from the federal stimulus package that passed thirteen months ago.

"Waste 101" was featured during the Spring of last year, when Sean Hannity documented 101 wasteful projects that were apart of the stimulus package. The special was well received, and the total economic amount of documented waste was $1,234,621,672 taxdollars.

"Waste 102" just concluded a few minutes ago, and I am just as pissed, if not more, than I was when I finished watching the special last year. We'll have to wait 24 hours to gauge blogosphere and media reaction to the special, if there is coverage at all, but the fact $4,891,645,229 more of your taxdollars was wasted on "complete and utter crap", speaks for itself.

"Waste 203" is a Jumping in Pools blogosphere special, that is using simple mathematics to "add" the wasteful spending that was well documented from the first special, to the just learned waste from the special that just concluded.

"Waste 203":

$1,234,621,672 dollars.
$4,891,645,229 dollars.
$6,126,276,901 dollars.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are approaching $10,000,000,000 billion dollars of documented waste from the federal stimulus package. From just 203 documented examples. Saddening & Amazing at the same time.

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