Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Republican Congressmen want to surrender.

Does it surprise me anymore? 5 Republican Congressmen voted for House Resolution 248 this afternoon, if passed the resolution would have demanded the President to surrender our forces in Afghanistan, and to bring all of the troops home within 12 months.

Besides the fact it would result in America surrendering to the terrorist scum that murdered 3,000 Americans on September eleventh, we now know which Republicans need to go during the upcoming Primaries.

Republican Traitors 2.0

Congressman Campbell (California).
Congressman Duncan (Tennessee).
Congressman Johnson (Illinois).
Congressman Jones (North Carolina).
Congressman Paul (Texas).

Four of those same Congressmen voted against the Patriot Act a few weeks ago.

We don't need to replace Senator Bennett or castigate Congressman Cao, we need to kick the above mentioned Representatives the hell out! Once and for all! We need real Republican representation in the Halls of Congress, not backstabbing Liberaltarian-Isolationist-birdbrained nutjobs!

On the brightside, 167 Republican legislators opposed the Isolationist resolution this afternoon, and the Republicans who were not present, are all well known supporters of our War on Terror.

Also, the dreadful resolution failed 65-356. Good!

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Ron Paul said...

You need to shut the hell up.