Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beck's group supports anti-war Anarchist.

As I have warned on a regular basis over the past few months, Republicans need to be on the lookout for Libertarian slime attempting to overtake our movement, which will result in the destruction of America's National Defense.

Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project has long pissed me off over their complete lack of supporting our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, while advocating a strong National Defense, because we joined together after September eleventh, as a united Nation dedicated to defeating our enemies.

Well, the chickens have come to roost. Glenn Beck's organization, which he doesn't operate on a regular basis, but should be held responsible to a degree, has announced their endorsement of Adam Kokesh, a Anarchist who is running for the Republican Nomination in New Mexico's 3rd congressional district.

Kokesh is a radical anti-war lunatic:

If Napolitano had done his research, he’d know that his endorsement of Kokesh’s candidacy is fairly misplaced. Kokesh was busted by the Marine Corps for smuggling an Iraqi pistol back to the States - does that sound like someone we need in Congress? He misrepresented his character of service and continued to call himself something he’s not - and oh, he bullied bloggers.

He has admitted to drug abuse on his blog (which has since been altered since he started his congressional campaign but not before TAH captured it). Remember Kokesh when he teamed up with Jon DeWald to disparage veterans? Remember when Kokesh tried to start some violence on GWU’s campus by tacking up handbills around campus that were obviously racist, but were blamed on a conservative student group?

Remember when Kokesh was arrested for posting anti-war handbills in Lafayette Park after the police told him to stop? Remember what Kokesh told the officer when the character of Kokesh’s discharge was being determined? And, oh, at that same link is Kokesh’s recounting of an incident in Germany when he tried to organize active duty soldiers against the war on base.

Beck's organization offered this glowing review:

Adam is a great patriot. He’s strong enough to stand for what he sees, though a casual reader will read this and might label Adam as something less than what he is, he will remain a man of convictions, and come what may it is this editor’s opinion that the quorum of 9/12 Candidates now has within its body another “Man for All Seasons.” Adam’s campaign will continue to make strides forward. If you’d like to contribute, you’ll have to visit his website. Links to his campaign are below.

I doubt the Conservative talk show host condones the views or opinions of Mr.Kokesh, but the organization that he founded (without National Defense clauses, I must add), is condoning the views of an absolute nutjob for Congress. Beck needs to callout his organization, before more Anarchists are supported for Congress.

Also, Judge Napolitano (Beck's idiotic friend), Ron Paul and the Republican Liberty Caucus all support Kokesh, all of these endorsements either reveal or confirm Conservative suspicions of radicalism on National Defense and War related policies.

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