Sunday, March 7, 2010

All due to President Bush.

Millions of Iraqi citizens have participated in their first national election since the successful conclusion of the American surge, which was approved under the Bush Administration in 2007. Despite the murderous actions of terrorists still operating in Iraq, it appears the political landscape is stable.

It is difficult to recognize just one man or organization that is responsible for Iraq as we know it, because our Armed Forces, our Republican legislators and the people of Iraq who joined our effort to overthrow Saddam, all deserve a national parade for their heroic efforts.

In the end, President George W. Bush deserves the credit. Risking his entire reputation, the electoral landscape of Republicans across the Nation, and all chances of receiving a respectable review from future historians, President Bush demanded a final surge, a move Democrats mocked and opposed.

Who's laughing now? Because, if our Democrat opponents succeeded in their mission to end all American involvement in Iraq; millions of Iraqi citizens would be imprisoned under oppression, embroiled in a civil war between Islamic tribes, and our enemies would regain power.

I thank President Bush for his dedication to freedom. He is the one that deserves credit, unlike the current President and his minions, who opposed the American efforts that have led to what we are seeing this afternoon in Iraq.

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