Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sarah Palin didn't use notes last night.......Who cares?

There's something about Sarah Palin. If she has a few handwritten notes on her hand, to help remind her of certain talking points during a 45 minute speech, she has just created a nationwide news alert. If she doesn't use a few handwritten notes, it is the talk of Conservative bloggers.

Who cares?

Palin is a grown woman, if she wants to use notes, than let her use notes. If she wants to use a teleprompter and look like Obama, let her look like Obama. If she wants to deliver a speech on biological warfare wearing a bikini, let her wear a bikini!

The point is, Sarah Palin is a fierce woman, who can handle herself. She doesn't need the support of Conservative bloggers or her supporters whenever she is attacked. She was the Governor of Alaska, dealing with political opponents and the media was her business.

Ever since the media launched their first attacks against Palin, Conservatives have become so sensitive over the treatment of the former Governor, that members of our movement who dare criticize her, are treated as political terrorists to Conservatism and Republicans

We have battles to focus on. Health care is being rammed down our throats, Democrats are clinging to cap & trade, granting citizenship to illegal aliens is the next piece in the proverbial Obama puzzle, the November elections are just eight months from now, and we live in fear of something happening to Justice Roberts, Justice Alito, Justice Thomas, Justice Kennedy, or Justice Scalia.

America is facing political battles like we have never faced before, I think Sarah Palin can deal with her own critics, while we deal with the political enemies of freedom.

What say you?

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