Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogger seeks re-election to Board of Trustees.

Note: Middleburgh has two seats up for election this afternoon, most candidates run with another candidate to strengthen their electoral chances, which is the reason Dr. Grunning is running with Matt.

Matthew Avitabile, the Founder and Operator of Jumping in Pools, is seeking re-election to the Village of Middleburgh Board of Trustees this afternoon. First elected in 2007 to the Board, Matt has fought the powers that be, political prejudices and stands for a responsive government.

Running with Matt this afternoon, is Doctor Tom Grunning, who is a political notice, but shares the same values of Matt on fiscal conservatism and local governance. Expect a small amount of posts on Jumping in Pools this afternoon and evening, as I will be campaigning with Matt all afternoon and evening to secure his re-election, while aiding the good Doctor in his inaugural bid for office.

This is the real America. Where folks campaign for local seemingly unimportant offices, bloggers make a realistic difference in government affairs, and where voters hold real power.

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