Monday, March 15, 2010

Conservatives endorse Isolationism, Weakness and Closing down Gitmo.

Author's note - I have endorsed Trey Grayson for US Senate, and also I hate Ron Paul and all of his insane, Libertarian, fruitcake centered relatives.

That's right!

Conservative bloggers, politicians and individuals from across the Nation are endorsing the policies of Isolationism, Weakness on National Defense, the closing of Gitmo, and the release of Afghanistan based Islamic Terrorists back onto the battlefields of Afghanistan.

How could this be? Well, a large number of supposed Conservatives have endorsed Rand Paul for United States Senate. Despite the constant claims he is different from his out of step-lunatic of a father, Rand Paul is just like him on National Defense.

Sarah Palin fell for it. Eric Erickson has fallen for it. Millions of Conservatives from across the land have fallen for it. The truth is, Rand Paul is a radical-Isolationist on National Defense related policies. From his opposition of the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, and his support for closing down Gitmo, and releasing our enemies back onto the battlefields of Afghanistan, he is out of touch with mainstream Americans.

Rand Paul is dangerous to our National Defense. Rand Paul is dangerous to our movement. All Kentuckians have a chance to show America who our candidates should be, and how Rand Paul doesn't belong in Congress, let alone in an elected office. We need candidates who support our Nation during war, and to keep our Nation safe during times of peace, and Rand Paul is the candidate that would enable the weaknesses that caused September eleventh to continue.

Also, to find out more information on Paul's craziness;

We need real Republicans, not Libertarians, representing us in Congress.

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