Monday, March 15, 2010

Interview with RoseAnn Salanitri of Recall NJ.

RoseAnn Salanitri is with Recall NJ, an organization that is attempting to force a electoral recall of Senator Menendez to face the voters in a special election. I believe this movement will fail and that their "recall" efforts are unconstitutional, however, Ms.Salanitri does have some interesting opinions, and she has a chance to defend herself from liberal smears of being a "racist" against the targeted Senator. This is interview number 64 in our series.

Tim Knight - Ms.Salanitri, what is the purpose of Recall New Jersey?

RoseAnn Salanitri - The purpose of Recall NJ is rather simple. It is exactly as it implies. It is a 527 corporation we are forming to facilitate the campaign to recall Senator Robert Menendez.

Tim Knight - Ms.Salanitri, how did you come apart of this movement?

RoseAnn Salanitri - Last year I became more than concerned about the course our country was taking - a course that I believed was leading us into bankruptcy and in the process destroying our Constitution along with our liberties. Around that time I received an email request asking if I would be willing to organize a rally in my county to protest what was happening. I agreed.

Our first rally here in Sussex County was held on April 15, 2009. At this rally, many of us discovered that others shared our concerns. At that rally, I made a promise to those in attendance, a promise that I did not take lightly, that I would find a way to channel our protest into something more than a rally where we all did a lot of protesting and went home and that was the end of it. This promise set me on a course of activism.

With a developing database of concerned citizens, I began campaigns directed toward stopping things like Cap and Trade and Healthcare. To my dismay, our elected officials cared little about what our concerned citizens thought or believed - in my eyes confirming their elitists posture. I became convinced that if this movement were to make any kind of an impact and if we were to be instrumental in saving our country from the hands of elitists despots, something more had to be done. After researching several possibilities that didn't look promising, I stumbled across NJ's recall laws, and immediately locked onto the idea.

Tim Knight - Ms.Salanitri, is your movement Constitutional? I mean, looking at the Federal Constitution, which has the lone jurisdiction over all federal Representatives, there is no such recall option. What say you?

RoseAnn Salanitri - There has been much said on both sides about whether or not this is Constitutional. It is clearly constitutional in the NJ Constitution. Federally, it has to be tested.

However, I will attach a letter John Armor, an accomplished constitutional lawyer, wrote regarding this issue. Mr. Armor states the case more precisely than I can. (FYI, the letter was written in response to an op ed piece that appeared in the Star Ledger. The piece was very slanted against the recall, and the Star Ledger never printed Mr. Armor's dissenting letter.)

Tim Knight - Ms.Salanitri, what has Senator Menendez done to acquire your interest and dedication to remove him from office?

RoseAnn Salanitri - Perhaps that is the simplest question of all to answer. He is spending us into near bankruptcy and has to be stopped. In addition, his votes along these lines show a total disregard for the oath he took to preserve and uphold the Constitution, which limits the power of government. Senator Menendez is not the only elected official that is acting in this manner; however, he is one of two whose actions are subject to the citizens of NJ.

Tim Knight - Ms.Salanitri, here is the question of the hour, are you targeting the Senator because he is Hispanic?

RoseAnn Salanitri - This is a question that is presented to me time and time again. As the granddaughter of immigrants, I find it baffling. All I can say is that the only one that seems concerned about Senator Menendez' nationality is Senator Menendez.

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Anonymous said...

RoseAnn Salanitri is a right-wing nut case. Where was this idiot when Bush was turning a surplus into a deficit in the eight years that schmuck was in office. Or how about the Republicans starting two wars they did not pay for and screwed up to boot. Go homelady and get a job!