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Dondero unloads during Interview.

Eric Dondero of the Libertarian Republican is not known for his tame nature, but he unloaded on a wide array of issues during an email Interview this afternoon. Some might find parts of the Interview out-of-line, but it is well worth the read for all political diehards. As Dondero talks about the 2012 Presidential election, Conservatives and Libertarians, and Barack Obama. This is number 63 in our interview series.

His website is, and it is must read on a regular basis for the political junkie, as I don't go a morning with checking out some news and views from our pal at the Libertarian Republican.

Tim Knight -

Mr.Dondero, we are just eight months from the November elections, are you seeing a Conservative/Libertarian coalition of Republican voters unite in Texas?

Eric Dondero -

I'm not sure if I'd see them as separate entities at all here in Texas. Our State has always been conservative with a libertarian streak. Governor Perry is the perfect example of fusionism: Half libertarian, half conservative. You don't hear him talk about divisive social issues much outside of pro-life. He's not a drug warrior, and he could pretty much care less about gay issues one way or the other.

Tim Knight -

Mr.Dondero, who is your favorite candidate for the GOP Nomination in 2012?

Eric Dondero -

I've been with Palin since the very, very beginning. In fact, I was one of the original members of Adam Brickley's Draft Sarah Palin for VP way back in 2007. So, if she runs, I'm with her 110%.

I like Gary Johnson, but he lacks two critical items - gravitas, and a strong on defense foreign policy. Still, any guy who climbed Mt. Everest gets my attention, and deep respect. Let's say I could certainly be persuaded into the Johnson camp.

I like Mitt Romney, and think he gets too much of a bad rap from libertarians in general. He's a fantastic leader. He's got the good looks. And he most certainly has gravitas.

One thing people don't know about him, is that back in the summer of 2007, he was asked point blank from a reporter, I believe with the Christian Science Monitor, what his views were on pornography. Without flinching he said - paraphrasing - adults should be able to do whatever they please so long as they're not harming anybody else. He got no credit for this incredibly libertarian state.

If Mitt's the guy, I'm behind him 110%. (And I'll hope he picks Sarah for Energy Sec.)

Tim Pawlenty? Major snooze. Nice guy. Good record. But zero pizzaz.

Mitch Daniels? Fantastically libertarian on economics. But once again, a little bit of a bore.

John Thune? Definitely a good prospect. Fresh. Exciting. A Western-style Conservative.

I've got some hope Ted Nugent will declare quite frankly.

Tim Knight -

Mr.Dondero, Ron Paul was once again nominated as the Republican candidate in Texas' 14th congressional district, will a real Republican ever be able to defeat him?

Eric Dondero -

No. But I do think this may be his last term. Hot rumor from down here, is that Debra Medina is his selected replacement. Despite her idiotic comments on 9/11, she's quite good on other matters. We could do a lot worse for the 14th. She's young too. Honestly, I expect Debra Medina will be my Congresswoman for the coming years, and even decades.

Tim Knight -

Mr.Dondero, from a Libertarian perspective, what must be done to protect America's homeland?

Eric Dondero -

First things first. Get rid of Barack Hussein Obama. I don't think there's a more dangerous individual to American Security than this Muslim-sympathizer in the White House. Look how he responded to Ft. Hood! Made a joke out of it. The guy is an absolute disaster, and easily the most anti-American president we've had in my 47 years, perhaps ever.

Look what he's doing right now against Israel. Telling them they can't attack Iranian nuclear facilities. We're staring in the face of the second Holocaust against the Jewish people, and this son-of-a-bitch is telling them to pull back.

And look at how he let all those Iranian Youth be slaughtered in the streets of Tehran, without standing up for them.

Get rid of Obama out of the White House in 2012, and I think our country will be a lot, lot safer. In the meantime elect a Republican House and Senate to put the check on this Communist-leaning Islamist sympathizer.

Tim Knight -

Mr.Dondero, what is your political advice for Conservatives and Libertarians seeking to create a united coalition of like-minded individuals for the upcoming elections?

Eric Dondero -

You can't reach the knucklehead Lefty Libertarians. My advise to my Conservative buddies is don't even try. It's a complete waste of time. The Lew Rockwells, Justin Raimondos, Anthony Gregorys, Mary Ruwarts, even David Nolans all have their head up their asses. You could almost blame them for Obama. It was the Lefty Libertarians who mercilessly bashed Bush in 2007/08, while the Daily Kos, and guys giggled with glee.

Fortunately, we have some very good Rightwing Libertarians. Wayne Root for instance, might win the Libertarian Party Chairmanship. If he does, that's a very good sign for the future of Libertarian-Conservative fusionism.

My advice? Work with Right Libertarians. Leavy the Left side of our movement the hell alone.

Tim Knight -

Mr.Dondero, how would you approve of President Obama?

Eric Dondero -

I'd approve of him if he immediately resigned his office and moved back to his homeland in Kenya, (or Indonesia.) He is not an American in any sense of the word. He wasn't born here. He is not American in his cultural values. His personal history is littered with nothing but Hate America activism.

He is about as close as you can get to an outright Fascist.

Never foget, this Son-of-a-Bitch is friends and even distant cousins with one of the most murderous thug dictators of our decade - Raila Odinga.

Obama has brought Kenya's fascist redistrubutionist Muslim-sympathizing politics to the United States of America.

We Conservatives and Libertarians need to do everything we can, and work as hard as we can to defeat this bastard on every front. And after we boot him out of office in 2012, let's all chip in to buy him a one-way ticket back to Mombassa.

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