Sunday, March 14, 2010

30 Coffee Party Pinheads gather.

When it was announced that a "Coffee Party" movement had been launched a few weeks ago, Conservatives from across the land laughed them off as nothing more than liberal imitators attempting to gain off of Tea Party successes from the previous twelve months.

Well, some disturbing news has emerged from Missouri, the home ground of Rush Limbaugh, that could indicate a worrisome opponent for Tea Partiers in the coming months and years ahead.

Coffee Partiers joined forces yesterday afternoon in St. Louis, Missouri, as a remarkable crowd of 30 individuals gathered to discuss American politics in a civilized manner. This came after CNN, MSNBC and other liberal organizations have been promoting the Coffee Party for weeks.

Say what?

Just 30 liberal activists joined together in St. Louis, Missouri, to discuss politics in a civil manner. I could have sworn CNN told me this organization represented 90% of Americans, unlike that Tea Party movement that hundreds to thousands of citizens attended during those first protests twelve months ago.

Well, when a political movement doesn't show up for an interview on Fox News, or respond to a Interview request from Jumping in Pools, because our politics are difference, one shouldn't be surprised when just 30 pinheads attend some idiotic meeting in St. Louis.

Coffee Partiers represent the powers that be in Washington.

Tea Partiers represent the peoples power that should be in Washington.

Now that I have written this article, can all discussion about this "bogus" group end once and for all, this is just a massive waste of time. We all know who the American people support, and it's not a bunch of caffeinated freaks from their Mother's basement.

Also, perhaps two dozen of these nutjobs attended a Coffee meeting in Albany, New York. For those who live outside of the Empire state, Albany is a very liberal City of 90,000 individuals, where the last Republican candidate for Mayor received just 9% of the vote.

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Anonymous said...

Your rant sounds comical to me.

Soundpolitic said...

I organized the event pictured. There were twice the number of people you insinuate in your post. Most people there were home-owners and renters.

I'll disclose that I myself have been living at home because I was fired from my job 14 months ago by an ultra-right wing attorney named Matt Tully because he didn't like my long hair (at the time) or my Obama bumper stickers. So you may call me a freak from my mother's basement if you like; most people in attendance, however, were mothers and fathers themselves.

We didn't call people freaks or nutjobs pinheads like you do. That's not constructive. We had a couple conservatives and libertarians show up and we treated them respectfully. Very much unlike the way you described us in your post.

This movement is real, not bogus. This movement is inclusive, not exclusive. This movement does not support any political candidate; we only support each other. We include liberals, conservatives, moderates, and radical centrists and are coming to the conclusion that we are not at all as different in our opinions as right-and-left wing Democratic-Republican Party politicians would have us think.

You could have seen this for yourself if you would set aside your opinions and prejudices and join us at our next meetings. Just don't bring the same attitude you wrote with here to the meeting, or we will all agree to ask you to take your name-calling elsewhere.

Good day.