Sunday, March 14, 2010

Europe doesn't like the European-American President.

Europeans have long complained about America for our Capitalistic economic desires, our "redneck arrogance" and our "evil" National Defense policies that have saved Europe twice over the last 90 or so years. Well, when Obama was elected President of the United States, our European allies were full of hope, as our allies were hoping for socialistic change.

Well, after thirteen months of "change", our European counterparts are sick & tired of the "New America", and prefer a restoration of the America that was, instead of the America that is.

How could our allies, our friends, our European counterparts who don't shave their armpits turn against the United States in just thirteen months? Well, it started with the realization that Obama is an amateur, Obama is not the king of all creation, and that Obama was willing to sell our allies National Defense to the Russians.

  • Britain - Obama returned a statue of Winston Churchill to our British allies in America, gave Prime Minister Gordon and Queen Elizabeth insulting gifts, our Intelligence has cut off Britain in certain areas, and Obama is refusing to stand with Britain over the Falkland Islands.
  • Norway - When Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize (for accomplishing nothing) he descended upon those simple minded Norwegians, however, after skipping most of the Nobel Prize activities, insulting their King, and leaving their Nation almost as fast as he arrived. The Norwegians have frowned on Obama, according to some polling data.
  • Poland - What did Obama do to our Polish allies? I remember, he sold their lives and souls to the Russians. Removing their largest piece of National Defense via removing our missile defense system, leaves our allies defenseless against the power crazed Russians.
I could provide several more instances where Obama has ignored or degraded our allies in Europe, but that would just piss me off. For the first time in our collective histories, both Americans and Europeans hate the current US President.

Now, that's change you can believe in.

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