Sunday, March 14, 2010

The InstaPundit effect.

Since November, Jumping in Pools has received five Instalanches (or linked mentions of our content on his website). Most who don't know what their talking about would argue that isn't significant. Well, after the Boss (Matt Avitabile) compiled some statistics for me, I have a feeling the doubters will question their previous arguments.

Instalanches received:

Lapdog Bluedog (Nov. 8th) - 7,334 hits.
Redstate Democrats (Nov. 21st) - 4,661 hits.
Blogosphere & Brown (Jan. 9th) - 2,093 hits.
Hannan Tea Party (Feb. 27th) - 1,241 hits.
Perry - Hutchison (Mar. 2nd) - 5,136 hits.

Total hits received - 20,465 hits or an average of 4,093 hits per article.

Wave effect

The Conservative blogosphere has just a few websites that are capable of generating a "wave effect", or a "domino effect" of websites and blogs linking just one article. InstaPundit has mastered the "wave effect", resulting in small websites such as Jumping in Pools, receiving a few good afternoons of traffic, and AdSense clicks.

Blogosphere impact

There is a reason Glenn Reynolds receives almost as much email as Santa Claus does, because Conservative bloggers are hoping for a White Christmas on a regular basis, we don't want to wait twelve months for our presents, we want them now!

I write close to 20 articles a week, almost all of them I send to Reynolds, but Jumping in Pools has received just five Instalanches over the past four months, meaning you can send all of the spam email that you want, but your content has to be worth it's weight in salt to be acknowledged.


Glenn Reynolds is the sane blogosphere equivalent of a mad scientist - he can either alter the blogosphere/Internet universe in a positive or negative fashion, it's up to him alone. With the calculation of 4,093 hits per Instalanche, I suspect the emails to his inbox will increase dramatically.

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Harrison said...

Congradulation. Never heard the term "Instalanches" before.