Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Force the Senate to use Reconciliation.

I have had enough of Pelosi, Obama and Senate Democrats demanding health care legislation be rammed down the throats of the American people, thus I am demanding all members of the House of Representatives who are opposed to Democrat efforts on health care legislation, to introduce and pass an amendment that will prohibit all federal funding of abortions.

As Conservatives we need to realize something, unless a miracle from God himself intervenes on our behalf, we're screwed on health care. We need to force the Senate to close the deal on health care with reconciliation, allowing our side to file lawsuits over the legislation, Republicans to pound Democrats on their reconciliation vote, and to cripple Obama's White House once and for all.

If America is going down, I want the Democratic scum who are pushing us down against the will of the American people, to go down with us, if not below us.

Also, according to The Weekly Standard, another Democrat has flipped to "no" on health care over the abortion issue, so there might be hope, however, if there is none - We need to use our entire power to bring down Democrats in November, and to poison their electoral chances.

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