Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ohio State Shooting

Early this morning, a gunman opened fire at Ohio State.

From the Examiner:

A man police say entered an Ohio State University maintenance building and shot a manager to death, also shot and killed himself during the rampage Tuesday, March 9.

The suspect, reportedly angry over a poor employee performance review, is described as Nathaniel Brown, 51, a custodial employee. Before turning the gun on himself, brown shot and killed Larry Wallington, 48, a building services manager and wounded another. The shooting occurred at the OSU Maintenance Building. Wallington was pronounced dead at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police say Brown had been a probational employee since last fall. Officers said he was carrying two handguns and dressed in dark clothing. He began firing into an office suite before killing the supervisor. It is not known who gave Brown the poor review.

Officers said the third victim, Henry Butler, 60, a operations manager survived the attack and was in stable condition at the OSU Medical Center as of 12:53 a.m. EST.

Early reports said the alleged shooter was in custody. It is now confirmed, the gunman is dead.

University officials said six employees were in the building when Brown opened fire. Police said they are interviewing witnesses to shed light on exactly what happened as Brown riddled the complex with bullets.

Police say additional information about Brown's past may be released sometime Tuesday.

According to Ohio State's Web site, the university is open and classes are on schedule. Some traffic near the maintenance building is being rerouted while police investigate the scene.

E-mail alerts of the shooting went out to those who chose to receive them.

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