Thursday, March 11, 2010

I must admit, I'm ignorant on European politics.

National Defense Conservatives across the blogosphere have been attacking Glenn Beck, Bret Baier and Fox News for their presentation of Geert Wilders, who is a well known Danish politician who is often critical of Islam in all aspects. The blogosphere reaction has ranged from passionate defenses of Wilder from Pamela Geller, to conspiratorial claims of Middle Eastern control over Fox News.

I'd hate to admit it, but Conservatives are more interested in the foreign affairs of Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, Somali, India, China and Russia, than we are of the foreign affairs of Denmark, England, Spain, Germany, Serbia, France and Georgia. Glenn Beck is a genius on American politics, but his knowledge of European know how was less than stellar the other night.

Geert Wilders is a heroic individual, and I have a feeling some misunderstood the monologue Beck delivered the other night, but I don't think we should throw him under the bus, or deem him under the "Saudi" powers that be, as his opinion of Saudi Arabia has not changed over the past twelve months with Fox, but the direction of his show has, resulting in a Glenn Beck focused on domestic issues.

Our good friend, Glenn Beck, who remains a Conservative for the most part, and perhaps a Republican after some interesting comments the other night on television, has been smeared over the past 72 hours since the famed broadcast. He has supported Wilders in the past, Saudis are not controlling the message of Fox News, and folks are jumping to the wrong conclusion without all of the facts.

In the end, this is a lot of hogwash. It is true Conservatives don't care about Europe, and even some have misinformation about Europe on their television shows, but that doesn't mean a Saudi Prince is directing the news at Fox, or that Glenn Beck is grouping a Danish hero with Hitler and Fascists.

In fact, I would argue Glenn Beck was warning us about "populist" movements in Europe, that could involve fascists. Wilders has gained enormous political momentum in a short amount of time, and to the casual observer, the worst comes to mind. We need to understand the complete point of Beck, and to continue on the health care warpath, as we have wasted enough time on this non-issue.

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Reaganite Republican said...

Beck needs to get his facts straight, learn to issue a correction when he misquotes people (like, oh, Thomas Jefferson) and maybe figure out what he actually stands for/who's side he's on- otherwise nobody will have any use for him in a year from now.

NOW he's "against" a 3rd party... when he was pumping this horrible idea all of last year! Beck is all over the road, to say the least.

The way he's going, he's going to step in it BIG time one of these days... and it's only going to hurt conservatives when he does.

Chris said...

Wilders is actually Dutch, not Danish.