Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview With Rapid Creek

Jumping in Pools is proud to present number 62 in our interview series. This time we're interviewing Ron Clayson, founder of the conservative blog Rapid Creek. Ron was gracious enough to allow us an interview. More information about Rapid Creek can be found here.

1. How would you describe your political persuasion?


2. Why/when did you start Rapid Creek?

I was asked to provide entertainment for the 2006 4th of July celebration in our small community of Inkom, Idaho. So, I got some friends together with the intention of playing a sort of patriotic rock concert. I wanted songs other than the traditional "God Bless America" or country or marching band type songs. I don't have anything against these genres, but, I was after patriotic songs with a rock-based style. I knew most artists tend to be liberal, but I must have been naive, because when I got on the internet to search for patriotic songs in the rock genre, I went through over 600 to come up with twenty. Most of them were "God _ _ _ _ American" a la Reverend Wright, or were promoting progressive ideals.

So, I decided to write my own songs. Songs that warn of political dangers and teach principles that agree with the ideals of the Declaration, the Constitution and our founding fathers.

3. Has President Obama done a better or worse job than you expected?

He has done pretty much exactly what I expected he would do.

4. What's the best part of having your band?

Two things: (A) In normal settings, I enjoy playing and observing people fall in love, sometimes argue, or generally being moved by the music. (B) In the "political activist" setting it gives us a forum to express our views in a powerful way. I believe music has the power to evoke emotion, and to inspire action. My goal is do this in a way that is good for the individual and for our country.

5. Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, let me give a short preview of our music that we are currently recording.

Some of the songs are specific to current events, such as "Cap and Trade, the small print", or "Better than You", having to do with dual standards between Washington & regular citizens, or "tReason" which questions the motivation of some of our leaders on current legislation.

However, most of the songs are "principle-based", such as;

"The Unknown War", is a song that deals with the concept of "good and evil exist" vs the concept of "it's all relative". The lyrics start out with "It's fought in the paper and on the TV, but it's not in the headlines or the news that we see ---"

"Atlantis" The lyrics start out, "They were rich and they were strong, they were proud and could do no wrong ----- They saw no right, they saw no wrong, they only saw might and heard lustful songs, ----- They thought God was dead, or would turn His head -------" Then it asks the question "Do history's wheels go round and round? Is there a lesson to found; in Atlantis?" It ends up talking about principles that keep us strong "Call right, right, and call wrong, wrong ------- Turn to God, work at our jobs, ----- Do what we should, it will make our hearts glad". The song starts out with a mellow Pink Floyd sound and ends up with a driving Journey sound, kind of like the Styx song "Come, Sail Away" that starts out mellow and ends up strong. It turns into a very upbeat, inspiring song by the time it gets to the end.

Or, consider the various meanings of "left" and "right". Left hand, political left, left as in "leaving", or "Right" as in political right, right hand, right and wrong, or civil rights. It's considered good when a song-writer can get a dual meaning out of a word or phrase. Our song, "Left or Right" gets a triple meaning out of some of the words. It makes the point, "It's not a choice of right or left, the choice is right or wrong".

"American Tea" (it has an American Pie feel to it) is my attempt to remind us what the basic principles of the Tea Party movement is all about. "Tea stands for Truth and liberty".

Our musical style ranges from an occasional Bluesish style such as "Cap and Trade", or quasi-country sound as in "Left or Right", to an electronic, club/trance sound in "Belly of the Beast", to a full-blown "Journey hanging out with Pink Floyd sound as in "Powergrab" or "Atlantis". We even have a song that mixes blue-grass, classic rock and rap "Better than You". When all is said and done, it's not boring.

My total musical focus for "Rapid Creek" is to promote the ideals we sing about in our songs. With the exception of a show at a local 912 rally last year we have been in the studio for about a year and are looking forward getting in front of people at "Tea Party", 912-type events, or any other event where we can promote these ideals.

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