Friday, March 5, 2010

LGF Blames Pentagon Shooting On Right Wing

And so we get to observe yet another chapter in the slow and mystifying fall of blogger Charles Johnson, who has blamed yesterday's Pentagon shooting on yet another 'anti-government loon.'

Was the shooter crazy, and in fact, anti-government. Absolutely. However, Johnson is attempting to tie John Patrick Bedell to the right-wing and the Tea Party movement. There's a huge problem here, though. Bedell is actually a registered Democrat and is one of the extremist anti-Bushites. This truther's ideology can be clearly seen through his goings-on on the internet, including his Amazon profile.

So will Johnson and LGF backtrack? Well, judging from this snarky comment from our dear genius Cato the Elder, I'd have to say no.

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1 comment:

Robert said...

I followed the links to Bedell's wish list. The first thing on the list was Delta force by Eric Haney. That's really funny. I am good friends with Haney's sister-in-law. Haney is a left wing nut, if ever there was one.