Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saddam Restarted Nuclear Program

I know that we've been told for years now that Saddam Hussein only had over a ton of uranium, some partially enriched, for non-nuclear weapons purposes. And despite having chemical weapons shells and ballistic missiles, neither counted as WMD. This, of course, because George Bush had to have lied about it, and Saddam couldn't have actually have been the guilty one.

And now this.

At the time of the 1990 offer, Iraq was embarked in a crash program to develop nuclear weapons in the face of a threatened U.S.-led attack over its occupation of Kuwait. By that date, Iraqi scientists had acquired a limited amount of weapons-grade enriched uranium but lacked several key components, including a workable design for a small nuclear warhead.

So Saddam attempted to build a nuclear weapon to threaten our forces before the Gulf War. Huh. And this comes from a former UN weapons inspector and nuclear weapons expert. This must somehow be George Bush's fault.

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1 comment:

Michael Avitabile said...

This must somehow be Bush's fault.