Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who should get the GOP Nomination for NY Governor?

Here is the one million dollar question Allison; who should get the Republican Nomination in the New York Gubernatorial election?

.............Like, duh, a Republican.

Over the past few days, members of the New York State Young Republicans have been bickering back and forth over who should receive the Republican nomination in the upcoming Gubernatorial election this November, most are supportive of Rick Lazio, while some are seriously considering Steve Levy, a registered Democrat.

As a devoted Republican, this ongoing conversation is frightening. We are facing an uphill battle this November across our great state, but we have momentum like Republicans haven't had in years. I would hate to see our momentum flushed down the toilet, especially a Democrat owned toilet.

Levy, the Democratic hack, is considering a Gubernatorial bid on the Republican line for one reason: We have momentum that Democrats do not have, and that will not change with Cuomo on top of their ticket, because New Yorker's are turning against all members of the Executive branch, of which Cuomo is apart of.

On the Republican hand, we have Rick Lazio, a former Congressman who has been meeting with Republican officials across the entire state since September, before Republicans gained their momentum, and when 15% of registered voters remembered who he was. Now, Lazio is gaining in the polls against Cuomo, and he has support from all Republican spectrum's, except for Libertarians.

As a dedicated Republican who wants to win this November, I have a good feeling that Lazio is our lone chance, besides the fact we support Republicans, not Democrats who want to use Republicans, like Spitzer used his whores. I refuse to be the victim of political prostitution.

Republicans should support Republicans for Republican nominations. Period.

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