Monday, March 15, 2010

Selective Service wants illegal aliens?

While visiting a local Post Office this afternoon, I came across a notice from the Selective Service System, which all American males between the ages of 18 to 25 are required to register in. The service is in place if America ever suffers untold emergencies of national importance, attacks from foreign enemies, etc. I have no problem with the Service, and I plan on registering when required.

There is just one problem. According to the notice I have with me, illegal aliens are required to register with the Service, along with American citizens and documented immigrants. If these illegal aliens are violating our laws, borders and law-abiding culture, do we want them as defenders of our Nation?

Who Must Register?

Male U.S. citizens and immigrants, documented and undocumented, residing in the U.S. and its territories must register if they are age 18 through 25.

- Selective Service System.

When I read that this afternoon, I was overwhelmed with feelings of what the hell, and I just felt that our elected officials, department directors and those in charge of selecting a criteria for male individuals, should hear from American citizens demanding that Americans and Documented Immigrants are required to serve their homeland, not criminals.

What has happened to our Nation? We are now requiring that criminals, lawbreakers, invaders and those that don't belong here, to serve this Nation? When did we not become a Nation that wants the best of our citizens, instead of asking for the help of illegal aliens, who don't belong here.

As a legal United States citizen, I feel insulted.

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