Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Senator Boxer vs. Liberal Blogger.

Senator Boxer (D - California) is between a rock and a hard place. She is facing three potential Republican challengers, all of which have significant support across the state, as Californians desire real political change and members of her own movement are sick and tired of her.

I'm not one to follow Democratic primaries, due to the fact I am a Conservative Republican who cares about Republican primaries, and selecting our best candidate to defeat our socialistic foes outweighs following a battle of two definite political evils.

However, the latest political drama out of California is interesting and shocking; Mickey Kaus, a well known liberal blogger who has some ideological differences with the extreme liberal base of the Democrat Party, has announced his campaign to challenge Senator Boxer for the Democrat nomination. Most will dismiss this campaign as "having no chance to achieve political success", but most political experts dismissed a Republican could compete with Boxer in California, let alone be within striking distance.

Conservatives, Republicans and Independents must watch for the political breaking point amongst California Democrats, because a serious challenge to Senator Boxer from a member of her own political movement, could fracture Democratic morale and support come November. This challenge, regardless if the political opponent is a political blogger by trade and practice, could provide the eventual Republican nominee a chance to capture Conservative Democrats.

We could win California in November, but we need the perfect political storm to achieve such a electoral earthquake, something that appears to be brewing as I write this article. Overall, I still support Chuck Devore for the Republican Nomination, however, I have a feeling a divided and fractured Democratic Movement could provide us electoral success, regardless of who our eventual nominee is.

On a final note, this is also the continuation of political bloggers entering the political scene, though most attempts, whether it be Conservative or Liberal blogger based, have failed, this could further divide liberal and progressive bloggers in California, another possible political win for Republicans when our eventual nominee challenges Senator Boxer in November.

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Luke said...

You homophobic bible-thumpers

RightKlik said...

"...I have a feeling a divided and fractured Democratic Movement could provide us electoral success, regardless of who our eventual nominee is."

I agree. Yet another reason to rally behind Devore! Why settle for a RINO when we could have someone who would actually work to move the country in the right direction.

Harrison said...

Boxer's seat is slightly at risk although I do not see her losing in the fall to another Democrat. Living and voting in Kalifornia means I should be following this more closely.

Experimental said...

Who is the best Liberal blogger to read in Canada? I'm looking to read up on current news and opinions. I know I've seen some of them before I just can not recall them right now.

Experimental said...

I find it very offensive that someone would wish death on Rush Limbaugh......I wouldn't kill him, just kick him around like a soccer ball.