Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Texas GOP Primary - Hutchison concedes, Perry Wins.

WELCOME INSTAPUNDIT readers! We at Jumping in Pools welcome you to our political blog.....I will continue to monitor results from Texas for a little while, despite the fact Hutchison has conceded.

Perry has won. Hutchison has conceded. Medina refuses to concede. What are your thoughts on Perry retaining the GOP nomination?

Also, will Hutchison resign as promised? Should Hutchison resign as promised, the Governor should appoint Michael Williams as Interim Senator.


Original post:

Who will Republicans select as their nominee for the Governor of Texas? We will know in just a few short hours, as millions of Republican votes are being counted as I write this. Media reports are indicating an enormous turnout amongst dedicated Republican voters in the Lonestar state, perhaps a political barometer of measuring Conservative and Republican interest in the upcoming elections.

Governor Perry is a dedicated Conservative who deserves another term in office, Senator Hutchison would make a fine Executive despite her "Washington connection" and I would support the Democrat if Medina is selected as our nominee. With that said, I support the Republican incumbent; Rick Perry.

Jumping in Pools will be updating results from Texas, as the votes are counted.

Remember, Perry needs 50% or more of the vote to win the nomination tonight, anything else will result in another Republican vote between himself and the Senator.

11:34 PM - Eastern Standard Time. 60.43% of precincts reporting.

Perry - 560,905 votes (51.38%).
Hutchison - 335,541 votes (30.73%).
Medina - 195,143 votes (17.87%).

Hutchison has conceded. Perry has been declared the winner.

Medina refuses to concede according to multiple tweets on Twitter.

Follow the remaining results at - http://enr.sos.state.tx.us/enr/results/mar02_148_state.htm

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Anonymous said...

I voted for Perry. It was tough since he is not just an aggie, but was a yell-leader (part of their all-male cheerleading squad). Last time, I voted for Kinky.

But I must give him some credit. He has been saying the right things lately, and seems to have finally figured out that a good economy and state budget in the black with no state income tax is not just good locally but a model.

Alot of people don't realize this, but the Texas Governorship is largely a figurative post. The real power, at least in terms of leguslation, lies elsewhere.

Webrider said...

Amen on Michael Williams. I hope that Hutchison is honest enough to honor her pledge to quit. And then, that Rick will be smart enough to appoint Mr. Williams. He would shock the eastern Elites and chattering classes. We need Dewhurst here in the State to manage the lege anyway.

Lawrence Person said...

Quick analysis on the Perry-Hutchison race:


The Reader's Digest Condensed version is that Perry was the more conservative candidate, and just ran a better campaign.

H. Alan Montgomery said...

I have lived in Texas all my life. I have met Michael Williams. If this works out as people say it will, D.C. is in for 'Interesting Times'. Michael is an above average speaker. Admittedly, he comes off as a preacher, but most conservatives find that appealing. As a Black Republican, he has more steel in his soul than average people, because he has to take so MUCH flak from Black liberals.

I kept thinking he was going to run for Lt. Gov. (according to the Texas Constitution, Lt. Gov. has more de facto and de jure power than the Governor).

In addition, the man is a real Conservative. If he is chosen to fill the senate seat, I can't wait for his first campaign before the people. The man might just campaign in Black churches. That's would be be a trip and a half. He's got Views about the breakdown of the Black family.

Jeff S. said...

Even though I'm a dedicated conservative, I haven't paid much attention to Perry. I've been distracted by national and world politics, and have been running on my first impression of him as slightly goofy.

But several articles in the last three months have changed my mind: one was in National Review that highlighted his move toward a more Tea Party philosophy; the others were in-depth comparisons of the economies of Texas and California over the last eight years--Cali's gone south and is almost bankrupt, while Texas is weathering the storm better than most.

Perry gets my vote.

Peter said...

I voted for Perry. I am please Hutchinson conceded, sparing the Party the expense of a runoff. Now Hutchinson should resign and lead the lucretive life of a retired Senator. She should collect her meager (!) Senate pension, sit on a few cororate boards and let some new blood in that Senate seat. That new blood should course in William's veins.

Speaking of blood, I suspect Williams will spill quite a bit of (figurative) Democrat blood on the floors of the Capital.

Nathan said...

I voted for Medina. This statement above sums up why:

But I must give him some credit. He has been saying the right things lately...

Where we differ is that "saying the right things lately" is not enough to win my vote. I do not believe that, in his heart, Perry believes the things he has been saying to win the primary. He's a politician, and will say anything to keep his office. Hutchison is to the left of a Mass. Senator on the stimulus, and cannot give a straight answer on abortion. She's also a politician.

Debra Medina isn't a politician. So yeah, she might be gaff prone and less than slick, but to me that's a feature not a bug. The bizarre and untrustworthy sort of character who looks good in a suit and has perennially been "saying the right things lately" are the ones who've made such a mess of government at all levels.

I agree with Barack Obama on about one thing: we need a change. Medina was the only candidate who would really change things.

The Texas governorship is not powerful. Medina would have sent a powerful message, though. She'd have been perfect as a figurehead.

Gold said...

"The Texas Governor is not powerful"

this isn't true at all. From a political science perspective, the Lt Gov has more power over legislation, but the Governor is very powerful and has a very difficult job managing a massive massive enterprise. It's simply huge.

anyone saying it's not much power at all is simply uninformed. It makes a difference in the lives of Texans who their governor is.

Medina has no experience doing... well much of anything impressive. Her small business seems to be all hype and no responsibility or real payroll. She's not qualified to run a McDonalds. And that's without noting that she's a Ron Paul associate, with plenty of the attendant stupid views (that some are now calling mere inexperience and raw wholesome everyman-ness).

Medina is worse than a lame candidate. She's a traitor. Anyone who hasn't analyzed the arguments about 9/11 at this point, years and years later, and thinks there is still room for questioning the narrative, is simply a massive tool.

the TEA party candidate won. Rick Perry. A man who has actually done a lot of good work for being budget smart. A man who has actually backed off stupid ideas when the people get pissed about it, instead of stubbornly braying like a mule.

KBH would have made a great governor too. It was actually a pretty hard choice and a great contest. Texas is lucky to have good choices.

too bad Medina lied about TEA party affiliation, like many Ron Paulians (who claim to own or have founded the movement). Rick Perry was the TEA candidate, and that's actually why Texans said he's better than Medina.

Experimental said...

I love how Republicans call themselves "Pro-America", but they vote for a guy like Perry who has publicly stated that he wants Texas to be it's own country.

arabic58 said...

Voted Perry.

Yesterday I was looking for some place to tell my Joke for the day.
I told Julie in HEB on 2920.

When I voted , the prescient judge asked me if I was a Republican? I said to Julie I was insulted. I was showing her my Republican party card. I have been carrying one around with me for almost 30 years. Yes I voted Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Perot, Dole, etc., Bush, Bush, mccain/Palin. I was so shocked that I did not have the presence of mind to pull it out for the prescient judge. I did recover enough to say, " I have asked some democrats to leave my house." The prescient judge did laugh like Julie. he explained to me that democrats have to vote at a different location. So they have to leave.

I had my party card, voters registration, passport, Drivers License, NRA membership card,four credit cards, etc.