Sunday, July 11, 2010

Will Obama face a Primary challenger?

I know that this topic has been written to death, but is it really possible that President Barack Obama could face a well funded Primary challenger during the 2012 Democratic Primaries? I might be wrong, but besides for Representative Kucinich of Ohio, who represents the nuttiest nuts of the left, no-one else will challenge Obama.

What about Hillary Clinton? - The masses are screaming at me. I've considered it, and I absolutely believe she will not run, because she absolutely cannot win. How could she win? Running from the Liberal flank against Obama? Running from the Centrist flank against Obama? What about the Black voters, and Operation Chaos voters?

It's impossible! On all counts!

As Conservatives, and as Republicans we need to face the music - Our lone chance of Victory against President Barack Obama depends on who we Nominate to face him, which we have 2 years or so to decide upon, and hopefully it's a united decision, and not a bitter Primary race such as what we had in 2008 (Romney and Huckabee should stay away).

Your thoughts?

Also, if Kucinich does run against Obama in 2012, I can almost guarantee that he will only receive the votes of UFO Freaks, Jedi Masters, 16 people from Schoharie County, and of course, Oneonta's very own - Joe C!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I believe the Tea Party is really the old Democrats in disguise. Whoever wins the Tea Party nod, could win the next election as Obama's camp will be in disarray and Americans generally distrust Repubs (altho, I like Gingrich's intelligence).