Friday, August 27, 2010

Arizona supports McCain by 22%.

Conservatives and Republicans alike agreed on one thing Tuesday night: Senator John McCain was heading to the United States Senate for his fifth and likely last term. This afternoon, Rasmussen Reports confirmed what I and most GOP politicos expected in a new poll of 500 likely Arizona voters.

Sen. John McCain (R) - 53%.
Rodney Glassman (D) - 31%.
Some other candidate - 10%.
Unknown/not sure - 6%.

McCain's poll numbers remain unchanged from a Rasmussen poll that was released last month, even though a raucous Republican Primary between the four term Senator and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth concluded in a McCain landslide on Tuesday. 82% of Arizona Republican's support the reelection of Senator McCain this November.

Any thoughts on how much McCain will eventually win by?


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Editor said...

And that tool Hayworth might have lost.