Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interview with Rev. Faulkner; candidate for Congress.

I just had the pleasure of interviewing the Reverend Michael Faulkner, who is running for the Republican nomination in New York's 15th congressional district. Faulkner is a dedicated Christian, a former New York Jets player and a man with a mission: defeating the corrupt Congressman Rangel in November. This is interview number 61 in our series.

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, what is your prescription for the economic troubles that face America?

Rev. Faulkner - The only way to help the economy recover, both nationally and locally in my district, is to revive the entrepreneurial spirit of America. This is accomplished by both reducing the red-tape and bureaucracy from starting a small business as well as reducing Federal Tax rates to encourage private sector investment into job creation. 

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, what is your opinion on the hot issues of the hour, such as health care, National defense, abortion, etc.?

Rev. Faulkner - The "hottest" of issues today is healthcare reform, so I will touch on that topic here. The myopic, Washington D.C. view that only a government solution is the cure to our healthcare woes needs to be challenged. In the 15th District, we need healthcare delivery and reform at the local level. If our leaders could just start a dialogue with the ample number of community leaders and employers in my neighborhood, we could see tremendous improvement in healthcare outcomes and we could save billions of dollars by avoiding bureaucratic options being presented today - many of which have already proven to be a failure at a national level. Also, we need to reach out to the community to improve the overall wellness of our citizens by giving them information about how to stay healthy. The best way to keep healthcare costs down is to avoid entering the health care system. I have much experience in this regard and will bring that along with me into office.

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, could your strong ties in the community, help your campaign?

Rev. Faulkner - They, essentially, are the reason for my campaign and, yes, they will help me tremendously. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two decades. Being a Congressman is just a natural progression in my dedication to serve my the community.

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, Representative Rangel is as corrupt as they come in Washington, how would a Congressman Faulkner differ?

Rev. Faulkner - Congressman Rangel is part of the system, and the system is broken. His troubles are emblematic of the problems in Washington, D.C. A Congressman Faulkner would go to our nation’s Capital and fight to fix our broken system through leading by example keeping both feet firmly in the community first and Washington, D.C last. When you’re in office too long, it appears easy to forget who you are serving. A Congressman Faulkner will never make that same mistake, which is why I’ve pledged to serve and return to the private sector after a few terms in office.

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, New York's 15th congressional district has 20,000 Republicans compared to over 300,000 Democrats, can your campaign overcome such a political disadvantage?

Rev. Faulkner - Yes, because in my district they just want someone to serve them, not a political party or the political establishment. While Mr. Rangel is making deals at the national level, pleasing people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed, he shortchanges our community. I will always think of my community before my political party or my party’s leadership. And as Scott Brown has proven already, partisan dynasties are ready to fall across the nation and as I speak with the people of the 15th Congressional District, I know they are poised to do the same.

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, what role have you accomplished as a Reverend in the community?

Rev. Faulkner - As a minister I have feed the hungry, helped to rebuild and restore strong families and tried to live as an example of God’s amazing grace. It is important for people to know and experience the love of God. That love is best expressed through real people and I have tried to live a life that expresses the love of God, especially to those that are hurting. I feel that my role as a minister has called for me to meet needs that are not begin met. One of the greatest unmet needs I see in my community is for trust and confidence in democracy and those in elected office. I want to restore and or build that for my community.

Tim Knight - Rev. Faulkner, how can the average American help your campaign? 

Rev. Faulkner - The average American can help in our campaign by praying for us. Our success in this endeavor is not for personal gain but rather to life the human spirit that is best done as a movement. The average American can join our cause by being involved in their local government and working for the same ideals that we are working for here. Finally it is important to know that we need financial resources to get our message out to people. We need thousands of Americans to join this revolution and movement by sending donations to our campaign. This will send a great message to the powers that are in office now that we will not be silent anymore. Remember that our success is for all of American and not just New York’s 15 Congressional District. Please visit to donate and get involved.

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