Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real men Campaign for Seven hours.

Also, Matthew Avitabile is the founder and operator of Jumping in Pools.

March 16, 2010 consisted of a regular morning, afternoon and evening for 99% of American residents, if not more. Well, over a dozen individuals located in Upstate, New York, campaigned for close to seven hours in a local Village election. I was one of those campaigners, who worked his ass off for Matthew Avitabile and Doctor Grunning, two respectable candidates seeking two seats on the Village of Middleburgh Board of Trustees.

After seven hours of going door-to-door, talking to local voters, spreading the word about the campaign, and reminding folks to vote until seven o'clock in the evening, the final wait for the polls to close and for the votes to be counted was horrible. The candidates were nervous, I was relieved the campaigning was over, and that our hard work would be known in a short amount of time.

Middleburgh uses paper ballots in their Village elections, so one with good hearing can hear the election officials count the ballots out loud. I don't have the best of hearing, but the local election officials kept repeating the same two names over and over again, "Matt and Tom", "Matt and Tom", "Matt and Tom", while the opposing candidate was mentioned just 53 times.

Dr. Grunning - 198 votes (On Board).
Avitabile - 195 votes (On Board).
Paul Hayes - 53 votes (Lost election).

It was a electoral landslide, that could impact Middleburgh for decades. Some might question why a political junkie such as myself, would be interested in a Village election. Well, the reasons are simple: I have a good friend who needed help, I want to help local candidates who espouse viewpoints such as my own, and these elections are what matter.

Real men don't vote once-a-year in November. Real men Campaign for Seven hours in a local Village election, blisters and all.

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Harrison said...

We have an elected official. Congrads.

Paul Hayes said...

You need to shut the fuck up!