Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Great Article Race

Welcome back to our next iteration of the Great Article Race in which we keep track of odds and ends here at Jumping in Pools. The last GAR was on May 20, and a lot of things have happened since then. Since our last GAR we've had a total of 512 articles and have been featured on Michelle Malkin, Moonbattery, and Istapundit. We had a total of 72,560 pageviews. Please everyone comment-- our writers and anyone that follows the site.

Top Contributors Since May 20th

Matthew: 197 (38.5%)
181 (35.3%)
Mr. K: 115 (22.4%)
E_D Casabonne: 8 (1.6%)
Joe C.: 5 (1%)
Sirchadthepro: 5 (1%)
Alezend: 1 (0.2%)

Our Top Articles Since May 20th:

1. Feingold Falls Behind in WI Senate Race by Matthew: 7,640 or 10.5% of our views.

2. Obama's Black Approval in New Jersey Slipping by Mr. K.: 5,104 or 7.1% of our views.

3. Incumbent Senate Dem in Trouble in Washington by Michael: 2,439 or 3.4% of our views.

4. Irate Muslims Threaten to Kill 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' Creator on Facebook by Michael: 2,273 or 3.1% of our views.

5. The Definitive List of Women Who Are Hotter/Better Looking Than Megan Fox #2 by Michael: 1,143 or 1.6% of our views.

6. Obama Was an Incompetent State Senator by Matthew: 1,033 or 1.4% of our views.

Some interesting facts:

Our top three articles were linked on Instapundit and numbers four and seven were linked on Michelle Malkin.

Since May 20th we've conducted 15 interviews in our ongoing series including our very own Joe C., Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, Ben Quayle, who is a candidate for Congress, and Tom Reed, the candidate for Congress in New York's 29th District.

This is the first time in three GARs that Mr. K. has not been at the top of the most popular articles list.

This is the first list of most popular articles with no satire pieces in them.

Joe C. tied his posting amount from the last GAR with five, but is short of his record of 11.

Sirchadthepro's top article was his Starcraft 2 review, with 27 views.

Joe C.'s most popular article was on why President Obama is not a socialist, with 59 hits.

Alezend's only article about his review of DragonAge got 5 hits.

Don't forget to comment-- that means you, Joe.

Joe C. has hired a dream team for his Senate Campaign after taunting Kirsten Gillebrand.

We've received a lot of comments, including from FenwayNation, Innominatus, Sr. Frijoles, and jdcroft2001. Keep 'em coming!

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    Matthew Avitabile said...

    I wish Joe would write more.

    Mr. K said...

    Excellent article. The reason I am no longer numero uno is because u guys are posting more news/polls than I do, and because I am more of a opinion/article kind of person. Kudos to you fellas.

    Sr. Frijoles said...

    Wow You Post A Lot Matt

    Joe C. said...

    I would write more if I were literate.

    Sirchadthepro said...

    I would write more but i don't have that much to say. Not much of an opinion i guess.