Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rossi leads Murray in Washington by 7%.


Dino Rossi (R) - 52%.
Pat Murray (D) - 45%.
Undecided voters - 3%.

* Denotes Incumbent

I knew that Washington's Primary results on Tuesday meant Mr.Rossi was on the correct path, but I didn't know he was actually on a winning path this early in the general election. 90% of all Republican voters support his campaign, along with about 60% of Independents - that is simply amazing to see in a state like Washington. We have to remember that Rossi virtually won the Governor's race in 2004 and still has a high level of support and credibility in this Pacific Northwest state.

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Defeating Senator Murray is no longer a question of maybe, but by how much. Especially when you consider that her campaign is trailing to Dino Rossi among voters aged 18-49, a crucial bloc of votes in a state where 52% of voters are under the age of 50. Also, Mr.Rossi leads both voters who have graduated college (51%), and who have not graduated from college (49%).

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Note - 51% of Washington voters are college graduates, while 49% are not. Sorry if any confusion came from my initial post.


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Anonymous said...

7% can easily be made up by the 36th recount. There'll be the boxes of ballots all for Murray that were "accidentally" left in a Democratic polling official's trunk, the hanging chads all for Murray, the disallowed military votes all for Rossi, the divining of the voter's "intent" by the recount committee stacked with Democrats, etc, etc, ad nauseum, and the final vote tally will be 10% greater than the number of registered voters in the state.

Was the Secretary of State endorsed by ACORN? They have this recount business down to a science.

As Instapundit says, "don't get cocky".

Kaitian said...

Don't forget those felon votes that the courts / SOS carried over for Gregoire giving her the governorship in 2004. She only won in 2008 because of the Obama wave.

Unknown said...

The Democratic National Senatorial Campaign Committee is sending out daily pieces on Rossi being pro-business and Murray being in favor of big government. In this time of high unemployment and high deficits, this approach seems to be driving even Washington voters towards Rossi.

Anonymous said...

While it's true that funky means have stolen elections before--most recently, probably, in the race that put that stupid cluck Al Franken in the Senate--it's also true that, as John Fund has said, if it's not close they can't cheat.

Hang on.

Anonymous said...

It's true the election may well be stolen. Here in Washington, we don't have secret ballots: we have to mail in our ballots that have both our return address and a bar code with our ID on them. As someone who's been here just a couple of years, I find it really disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

Here are some devastating details about Patty Murray. Can someone get this to the Rossi campaign?

She was actually voted the dumbest Senator of all by DC Staffers. The dumbest out of 100.

Also, she wants to add a whole layer of new anti-business legistlation onto the economy, far more than already exists.

If there is ONE Senator I would want to get rid of, it is Patty Murray. Even more than Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid. I don't even live anywhere near WA.

Fiftycal said...

Gee, is Rossi Dimo-lite or a real conservative? Is he going to go along to get along? Has anyone learned him about deficits and Obammao spending?

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have learned that Dino Rossi will lay down when the cheating begins. He won the Governor's race against Gregoire until the Seattle Dem machine in Seattle 'found' enough votes after the election to give the election to Gregoire. I expect the same to happen this time. The Seattle Dems will 'find' enough votes, regardless of how far ahead Rossi is.

Anonymous said...

it's survey usa...
heck they even have fiorina over boxer, by 5.

at least they are pointing to a possibility, which other pollsters have yet to touch.

their midterm polling from 06 was rather decent. not rasmussen, but who is?

a girl can dream.

Editor said...

Dino Rossi is a hard nosed Fiscal Conservative. And he of all people understands the dirty tricks of a Democratic candidate/machine. As a fact: anyone is better than Murray and Rossi is better than Didier, a pure moron on everything important in this world.

Anonymous said...

I'm a WA native and I will tell you that King county (Seattle) decides any statewide election. I will also tell you that the King county elections office is just another arm of the democrat party and thereby utterly corrupt. I want to see Rossi win but my one party socialist state will not ever allow that to happen, whatever the cost. I just hope that somehow justice prevails and these lefty thugs get called out on their rampant fraud. I'm surprised that you can even still get a ballot that has anything but "The Party D" on it...not that it seems to matter, I guess they still have to put up a facade to fool the rubes.