Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who will Indiana vote for in 2012? Not Obama.

President Barack Obama won Indiana by a whopping 28,391 votes in 2008, along with their crucial 11 electoral votes. And he accomplished all of that without winning more than 20% of the counties within the state, and while Governor Mitch Daniels (R) won reelection with over 57% of the vote.

Was Indiana apart of a dramatic political realignment?

Absolutely not.

Indiana might have fallen for Obama's message of "Hope and Change" in 2008, but the Hoosiers are now singing a new tune in 2010: "Coats for Senate". According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll on Indiana's Senate race, Mr.Coats is leading his Democratic opponent by 21%, while Mitch Daniels is enjoying a 65% approval rating.

However, that's not the biggest story out of Indiana. According to that same Rasmussen Reports poll, which documents a Dan Coats' lead and a popular Daniels' in Indiana, President Obama has huge problems with the Hoosier electorate, especially on a personal level - his approval rating is 39%, and his disapproval rating is 60%.

I'm flashing back to the 2004 Presidential Election. You know, when then President George W. Bush won Indiana with 60% of the vote, and Senator John Kerry could only muster a measly 39% of the vote. Those were the days, and it appears our political landscape could once again recapture the magic of Bush Mania.

Indiana (1.04%), North Carolina (0.32%) and Missouri (0.14%) were the three closest states during the last Presidential election. However, after 19 months of President Barack Obama in charge, all three of those states are looking forward to a Republican sweep in 2012.


Rasmussen Reports - Indiana poll results.


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