Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hayworth trails Democrat opponent in Arizona.

Supporters of Senator John McCain often tout his fiscal discipline, his record on National Defense and our Troops, and his common Conservatism that has led to a 81% rating from the ACU. But, I have a feeling that McCainiacs will soon be adding Only McCain Can Win Arizona in their touted reasons.

According to a new poll from Ramussen Reports, Senator John McCain is leading his potential Democratic opponent by close to 20%. However, McCain's Republican foe, JD Hayworth, trails their common Democratic opponent by 5%, and close to 30% of pro-McCain voters obviously will not support Hayworth if he is the eventual Republican Nominee (at least for now).

Rasmussen Reports Survey of 500 Likely Voters:

Sen. John McCain (R) - 53%.
Rodney Glassman (D) - 34%.
Some other candidate - 11%.
Not Sure - 3%.

Rodney Glassman (D) - 43%.
Rep. JD Hayworth (R) - 38%.
Some other candidate - 13%.
Not Sure - 6%.

This poll is shocking. I have always figured that if Hayworth were to beat McCain, that at least the Senate seat would remain in Republican hands and that we would have a National Defense supporter oncemore. That last part now means nothing, because Hayworth cannot win, McCain can, and only McCain will.

What's your choice: Victory or Defeat?

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