Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Republican seeking some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Authors note - I refuse to "capitalize" white or black, because we're all Americans, race means nothing to me.

There is ideological racism in America, located one hundred percent amongst Liberal Democrats who despise Conservative Republicans who happen to be black, while blaming Conservative Republicans for all injustices ever done to black Americans, when it was white Democrats who enslaved black Americans against their will.

With the 2010 congressional elections upcoming, Republicans who happen to be black are declaring their political intentions across America, as Michael Williams could become the next Republican Senator to represent Texas after Senator Hutchison resigns this spring, Ryan Frazier is seeking the Republican nomination in Colorado's 7th congressional district and Isaac Hayes is running for Congress in Illinois.

We know our ideological counterparts will look down on Michael Williams, Ryan Frazier and Isaac Hayes, however, how will black publications react to the declared Republican candidates? According to a press release I received this morning, black publications will treat black Republicans like dirt under their shoes.

The following letter was released today by Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, the GOP nominee for Congress in IL-2, challenging the persistent indifference to Black Republican candidates by Black publications:

“As ‘minorities’ we have always called for diversity and tolerance” said Hayes, “yet within Black press there is no tolerance for Black Republicans and no willingness to embrace Black political diversity. My question is why not? Why are our press releases, letters to the editor, community events, and campaigns ignored? Is it not the responsibility of Black press to keep the Black community informed of what and who is impacting their lives?”

Rev. Hayes has called for Black publications to be more inclusive in their reporting, but became alarmed when this week’s endorsement sections were for Democrats exclusively, with no mention of the Republican primaries or candidates. Hayes said, “Our backgrounds include Reverend, Alderman, Officer, working with youth, and community organizing with President Barack Obama. We are not outsiders. We ask that we not be treated as such.”

Read the rest,

Black Republicans have been called "Uncle Tom's", "traitors" as well as other insulting and degrading names, however, with the 2010 congressional elections upcoming and black Republicans declaring their intention to seek elected office across America, it appears a lack of "respect" should be added to the list.

2010 will be a time for Conservative Republicans to be elected across America, retake the House of Representatives and make a daring attempt at complete control of the United States Senate, but our black brothers running across America need to be supported, because racism does exist in America.......against our Republican brethren who happen to be black.

Disgusting as that is.

Also, I am seeking all information on declared Republican candidates who happen to be black, because I am in the process of writing an extensive article on their campaigns. I can be reached at or just leave a comment in this article.

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