Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State Of The Union address is tomorrow.......So What?

President Barack Obama will be delivering his State Of The Union address tomorrow evening, as millions of Americans watch for new budget busting proposals, unconstitutional mandates on the American public and more outrageous government spending, that will not do one thing for the American economic situation, except drive us deeper into debt.

Does this surprise anyone?

Obama has held dozens of press conferences, addressed the Nation several times and delivered hundreds of speeches over the past twelve months. Nothing new is ever learned, Obama continues on with his unpopular programs of socializing America, while pretending to be a real American President who cares........When all the American people want is a President, who will care enough to leave them alone.

Are we going to learn something new tomorrow night? Perhaps a new socialization of America plan. Do we expect Obama to embrace Americans and Conservatism tomorrow night, after the elections of McDonnell, Christie and Brown? Nope, he'll continue with his unconstitutional mandate.

Who cares if Obama is addressing the Nation tomorrow night? Just one earth shattering event will be the result of this annual State Of The Union address, television networks will be covering Obama's speech instead of their regular television programming, losing millions upon millions of dollars, while postponing the start of Criminal Minds, another effect of socialization - lost television shows.

Another tax proposal. Another stump speech. Another declaration of Obamanomics. What's there to watch, when I could just read the bloggers and pundits in the aftermath, instead of driving myself insane. Obama will not be shifting his policies, working with Republicans or scrapping unpopular, unconstitutional programs, because he doesn't give a damn about his political future, he is content with one term of destruction.

We need to keep up the good fight, we're not out of this yet.

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1 comment:

Harrison said...

Well since Obama thinks HE is the reason 2010 won't be like 1994 it should be good for some laughs... at the expense of the country.