Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown-Coakley Exit Polls, Election Results

Chime in on our election day Open Thread!

Jumping in Pools was one of the first blogs on the internet to call the 2009 New Jersey governor's race for Republican Chris Christie.

UPDATE: Coakley claims 'voter fraud.'

From all of the data from news sources, polls, and important pundits, we'd like to make the following estimates:

Scott Brown (R) 49.4%
Martha Coakley (D) 47.0%
Kennedy (L) 3.6%

We have word of heavy turnout in less-liberal areas of Massachusetts. There is also snowfall in far-left regions of the state.

Stay tuned to Jumping in Pools for election night coverage!

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Cheat codes said...

I read something about a restriction on calling the results until after polling has closed on the west coast. Does this apply to the networks calling states or just the whole country?

Cheat codes said...

I think what you heard about referred to Canada, which had a general election on Tuesday. There, there is meant to be a news blackout for the western provinces when the eastern provinces start counting.